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  1. I tried sphere + lines mode, on first glance looks like all is OK there. Please describe in words what exactly is wrong.
  2. Thanks for file. Understood the reason, fixed, now getting this with "Voxelize" option:
  3. At least I done update with the improved auto-retopo. In my tests it works really better. But it took much longer time than I expected, but I was not able to drop it just in the middle-way. The main improvements: - Auto-detectig the symmetry. - "Hardsurface mode" tries to detect even soft edges that visually look like the sharp. So the voxelize+hardsurface has sense now. - "Voxelize" is still most stable and predictable mode if the model is closed. If you can't get good results, use "Voxelize" checkbox. It is a bit longer, but gives the good result. - Now low-poly models with sharp edges may be retopo-ed correctly. - A lot of internal stuff completely rewritten, some 10-years-old bugs was found and fixed. - Now it is possuble to auto-retopo multiple volumes at once (select in voxtree + rmb->autopo). - Autoretopo available in retopo room as well, you may auto-retopo any object (paint, retopo, sculpt) via RMB.
  4. Thanks for reporting, I very hope fo finish the current stage (auto-retopo) asap and the get back to fixing problems. I will look this problem as well.
  5. I am still working over auto-retopo. It appeared harder than I expected, but I developed algorithm to detect sharp edges even over smootehd geometry (based on the solid angle definition), like voxels, where you have no exactly sharp edges. It may be really helpful not ony for retopo, but also for bevel, manual retopo. I still need some time to finish and polish it. So everything is OK (even if there was no updates last week), I work harder than ever before, the brain is boiling, it is far not easy. Also, I got new, better PC, now development will drive faster.
  6. This is what I got: settings: Symmetry enabled as in the scene
  7. A little announcement: At least, after years I found a better and more stable way to solve equations for the auto-retopology, so I am making next turn. It should not take long time, probably no more than week, but what I already got: - much better quality, especially for the hardsurface auto-retopo. - good stability, it works predictably for all kinds of "not too ill" meshes. - it handles edges correctly. What I do now: - Direct using in the retopo/modeling room to remesh objects, not only sculpt meshes. - Multithreading, rather for quality than for speed (use several approaches, one per thread, then select best one). - Refactoring, because now it is big garbage of experimental code. Of course I do bugfixes in parallel. So some bug-fixing builds may appear during the week, but there is no guarantee.
  8. What is the nature of the decal? Is it brush image or stencil?
  9. I am not able to reproduce.All works as expected. I tried on the head from the start menu. Please show the full screen to see the tool settings and vox tree.
  10. If you have scene where I can reproduce it, please send me to andrewshpagin@gmail.com
  11. Seems we need to update the Angelsript to the latest version. We will do it gradually.
  12. And this is available only for surface mode because it is the surface deformation. Of course, the modified mesh may be voxelized.
  13. Yes, mixed inner angles are still problematic. It will be solved gradually. But completely convex and completely concave angles and even corners with 3 concave/convex edges are handled correctly.
  14. Al little announcement: There will be several days without daily builds because I am finisting very important and long-waiting task - make bevels controlled by curves. You will put curves where you need bevel over the surface. The incision shape is also controlled by curve (not just flat and round bevel - any shape on your taste). It is very complex algorithm, so need several days to concentrate and finish it.
  15. It is fixed in 55. Now it may be 30-50x faster. And a several other pose improvements.
  16. What screen resolution do you use? Please show the screenshot how it looks on your side.
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