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  1. We ideally don't need any rooms in all fairness, or not the ones that lock you out of using tools from other rooms. There needs to be fluidity in the workflow, I don't have to fight this rigid linear path 3dcoat forces you into. I'd like to be able to use tools from modelling room while sculpting and vice versa.
  2. I too would say that this is a great start, thank you for listening to our feedback. The issues Tieguaili pointed out are super relevant to have a clean multi res workflow. I would also add the restrictive nature of rooms also hinders that workflow (for example, you just can't use modelling room tools on sculpt meshes and vice versa). If we are to get rid of these shortcomings I'm 100% positive 3DCoat could replace ZBrush for so many artists out there that are looking for a decent alternative after Maxon takeover.
  3. Looking good! Was only 3DCoat used for this?
  4. freeze tool was never supposed to work in voxel mode, theres a question of depth of the mask as far as i understand (how should the program know how deep your mask should be when you're brushing a mask?) There's voxel painting on the other hand with depth parameters, maybe they could apply that to freeze tool too to have an option of freezing in voxels.
  5. Yeah, there are simply no small blue spheres you usually get when placing. They are still functioning, but invisible.
  6. Not sure why, but my my voxel brushes tool options ribbon is gone in .37 update.
  7. Met the same problem, would be great to have it looked at.
  8. That's strange man, it doesn't happen to me anymore. I wonder what changed?
  9. This is not an issue but rather an added option, there's a switch for it in the settings so you can turn it off.
  10. you have to disable use spacing to enable paint with dabs if i remember correctly.
  11. What i meant is that there is no need to have the pen pressure switch for roughness then to begin with, if only the roughness that is set in the slider is gonna be applied despite whatever pressure you use, since only master opacity is considered.
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