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  1. What's up with macOS updates again? It's been over 1.5 months since .40 came out
  2. What he means is that even after completely changing the uv layout the painting gets reprojected despite having completely different uvs (because substance painter keeps every stroke in memory). For fast paced gamedev workflows this is a lifesaver. I don’t think this is an option in 3dcoat.
  3. This is, without a doubt, one of the best comments I've read on this forum. The absence of simple b+w masking (yes, I know clipping masks exist, but the workflow is damn atrocious) alone makes it such a pita to work with smart materials in coat, how can you aim at Substance Designer? The paint room has been neglected for the time I'm acquainted with coat and seemingly long before then even. How long has GPU engine for paint room been mentioned for already? Guys, please, you have to deliver the fundamentals first (some of which users have been asking for a decade at this point), to compare coat to painter (not to say anything about designer) is somewhat laughable at the current state of events imo.
  4. Thank you for the update, Sergyi. Unfortunately, it seems like live booleans aren't working on macOS, so can't test them alas. Otherwise seems to work as previous builds have.
  5. @SERGYI , are there any updates? We're itching to try the live booleans here too
  6. Same issue here. M1 Max Ventura. I don't think the developer has an Apple Silicon Mac to have 3DCoat properly tested in the ARM environment, which is a bummer since so many people jumped onto it for performance gains.
  7. Hi! Thank you for the update. I tried it just now, it does show the python download screen, and I downloaded/installed python. Now it starts for half a second (I see the load screen and main windows) and closes immediately with this error: UPDATE: Ok, this is strange, I tried starting it again now, so far works as expected. I did not change anything at all, just waited a bit o_o
  8. Same for me on M1 Max MacBook on Ventura 13.4 2023.17 works though
  9. 2023.23 crashes upon start on macOS 13.4 (apple silicon M1 architecture):
  10. Heya! Let me chime in: when you’re using a base mesh with uvs, you simply are not in a position where you need to use either dynamesh or sculptris pro. Those are used in the concept phase, where you’re still figuring out the form and general design, proportions etc. Base mesh has that established already. Your point of not being able to use dynamesh and sculptris is valid, yes, but inapplicable in the case of using a base mesh with proper uvs and topology (in which case you’d simply subdivide the base mesh with multi res levels for a denser mesh)
  11. you're on a voxel volume still (V sign in the sculpt tree)?? you have to be in surface mode for it to appear
  12. Would it be possible to add an option for user defined bevel size? Or, should we need, to disable it altogether?
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