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  1. magicmodel

    Carlosan Artworks & WIP

    Wow, I never knew 3DC was such a great tool. Carlosan you have made a super selection of characters. Thanks for posting you talented person.
  2. magicmodel

    GEDs sketches

    I admire you're talent. When you can knock off one of these sculpts during you're lunch break then that is some quick work......I get half an hour for mine!
  3. magicmodel

    Leigh's Sketchbook

    Very very nice.....it's just amazing to see what 3D Coat can do. Wow what powerful software. Could use the skull to 3D Print , would save all those trainee doctors looking for real actual human ones
  4. magicmodel

    another Sketchthread!

    This work looks really promising. The muscle defenition would look in place in a bodybuilder magazine! Keep on sculpting.
  5. magicmodel

    Fairies and cherries

    Lovely image. My kids would love to see this kind of fairy in the shops. They would definitely buy it. There are so many colours. Great work
  6. magicmodel

    The Red Dragon

    Nice illustration for a kids book for example, kinda reminds me of where the wild things are, you know MAX, or was that just in the UK!