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  1. sergio

    Metha`s Workshop

    your work is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzziiiiiiiing! love it.
  2. sergio

    General AppLinks info

    completamente de acordo. Let us carrara/daz users play directelly with 3dc.
  3. sergio

    Messiah 5

    for a loooong time i wanted this sw. never could! thank you guys for sharing, thank you PMG. just baught the 40$.
  4. sergio

    New Default UI Scheme?

    just download and install. what a difference! at 22.19 pm is now better that it was yesterday.
  5. sergio

    Free Stuff

    amazing list.
  6. sergio

    3D-Coat 3.5 updates thread

    thank you geothefaust and AbnRanger for the info
  7. sergio

    3D-Coat 3.5 updates thread

    sorry my ask but where is it? this "3DC Exchange Library thread/section"
  8. sergio

    3D-Coat 3.5 updates thread

    Correction, version of 3DC is 3.5.05B
  9. sergio

    3D-Coat 3.5 updates thread

    Hi guys. Sorry to use this forum for this kind of help. I have 3dc 3.05b for Windows7 64bit, and love to test it on linux ( opensuse 11.3 - 64B) how to i install it?? Where in the forums can i get help? thank you.
  10. sergio

    3D-Coat 3.5 updates thread

    Hi there. I'm a new newbie in this 3dc stuff. loving it. How can i download this new update 3.5.02. thank you, mr shpagin for this amazing piece of - i'll say this way - art!