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  1. No documentation again. When programmers write code, they tend to insert comments on each segment of code as they work for their own benefit and to help other programmers that will work on it. Surely they could at least just redact all those comments and throw them out there on a PDF so that the intentions the programmer could be made clear to the ultimate users? Houdini's documentation is the very paradigm of how this should be done. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/ Just go through this even if you never want to use Houdini; it's an encylopedia on computer graphics in general that's highly instructive to the greatest detail. Then look at how meager the 3D coat documentation is. And no I don't want to pester Digman to tell me what is going on. If this node editor is just for making sculpt room shaders that have no value in creating textures for a final render then really it's a waste of their time especially when their lighting system in the sculpt room is really just not up to snuff.
  2. Thanks for this. What's your assessment of it? Is it a viable technique in the finished texture mapping or is it just a shader generator for use in the sculpt room?
  3. Thanks. That's great. Now all I have to do is figure out how to use those nodes.
  4. So is there a material node editor in RC3 that I'm too stupid to find?
  5. Hey it's a big event for a small company. It's all going to work out. Thanks for the reply.
  6. No it doesn't Something has changed though; now instead of "FALSE" it stays at "FIND" and after entering my serial number and hitting "FIND" nothing happens. Page refresh just returns me to the sales page. Still cannot make my purchase of an upgrade.
  7. It's pretty cool that photonic computers are back on the agenda again; there's lots of stuff up on You Tube about it now.
  8. I'm trying to upgrade; I hit on "Find my V4 license button and I'm entering my license key and it's saying that it's false. I'm also entering my email address and that's being listed as false too. It's not accepting my email address either even though I can sign into my 3d Coat online account with my email address and it does a reply to my email.
  9. The first photonic computer will be going on sale by the end of the year. I've been fascinated by the idea that computers could be run with photons instead of electrons since the 80's when I read an article in Scientific American about them. But the promise of those efforts failed, mainly because they tried to create transistor style logic gates that used light. But light and electricity are physically very different so that analogy didn't work out. However a reassessment of the potential of photon computing has produced a new product from a young company; Lightmatter. https://medium.com/lightmatter/the-story-behind-lightmatters-tech-e9fa0facca30 https://lightmatter.co/story/ While the optical transistor was dying, a new kind of optical computing approach was being invented. In the mid-1990s, the field of quantum computing was growing rapidly owing to new proofs that showed that quantum systems could solve problems that were intractable on classical computers. There were many known approaches to implementing quantum systems, including using photons (single particles of light). In 1994, in hopes of building an optical quantum processor, Michael Reck and co-authors described a system that used arrays of a fundamental optical component — the Mach-Zehnder Interferometer (MZI) — to perform an important mathematical operation called matrix multiplication. It's not good at logic operations, but what it does excel at is Linear Algebra, machine learning, chemistry, RAY TRACING. (go to the 15 min mark in the You Tube video) https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/light-based-quantum-computer-exceeds-fastest-classical-supercomputers/ https://www.infoq.com/presentations/quantum-simulate-chemistry/ This is that 1983 article in Scientific American I read; https://www.jstor.org/stable/24968831?refreqid=excelsior%3A7c104d6a66ea167442c8e5d82d76c246 https://ur.booksc.me/book/10696832/e271e8 (downloadable PDF of the original 1983 article)
  10. https://www.zerohedge.com/technology/fake-chips-flood-china-market-fill-overseas-supply-chains China Economic Observer reported a chip agent revealed that to meet the growing demand, suppliers were no longer keeping their counterfeiting practices secret. Instead, they are openly creating separate production lines to expedite the sales of counterfeit or refurbished chips. Furthermore, businesses are no longer offering the shoddy products at half price. Many are being sold at full market value. The agent identified two types of counterfeit chips. The first involves recycling used chips from e-waste by removing the logo and cleaning them for resale with new packaging. The second involves packaging the substandard chips from the regular production line and selling them as good products. Not surprisingly, customers were often dissatisfied with the product’s performance, reliability, and durability. However, the deficiencies were not immediately evident until after the chips were used over time or under extreme conditions. At which point, it would be the customers or manufacturer of the final products who suffer a loss, while the fake chip providers often avoid troubles, according to the chip agent.
  11. I take it this is where we're going to have to look. https://3dcoat.com/2021announcement/ All new website on July 9th.
  12. One thing that should be remembered that 3D Coat is no longer just a one man operation. Andrew has taken on other talented workers and has a payroll to meet. If long term license holders are charged an extra $100 for V5 or 2021 whatever it's called that's reasonable.
  13. How close in functionality is this to Zbrush IMM (Insert Multi Mesh)?
  14. yeah IOW sculpting with straight up displacement maps generated in a compositing laboratory. 3D Coat is already half way there with the 3d sculpting in the paint room as you directly paint with normal maps. Real time sculpting with textures and displacement maps generated in a node texture workspace would be pretty cool...
  15. Well that may be good news then; if you don't know what the ultimate form of 3D Coat 5 will be then perhaps we will be getting a new heretofore unseen interface too. The literature says we're getting a Substance Designer style parametric texture generator and a new interface. Here's hoping... And a Substance Designer style of parametric texture generator will be well worth whatever extra money we have to pay to extend our licenses ...
  16. I may be wrong here but that link you posted was to a shader generator for the sculpt room , like red wax, or car paint or a lambert, a blinn. The new Node system is apparently a competitor to Allegorethmic Substance Designer that generates complex textures parametrically...that's what I'm taking from all the talk about nodes. But it somewhat confusing at this point. Maybe Carlosan or AbnRanger can set me straight on this.
  17. Is the material node system in the B55 yet? I can't find it. Is it only going to appear in the full V5 (2021)? As for changing the interface radically, this is a dilemma for any program; you have the long term users that have learned the ins and outs of the program over the years, your faithful base, and they don't want the trouble of relearning a new interface which can consume a lot of time and then you have new users baffled by the arcane logic of the program. You 're going to go with the long term faithful userbase if you know what's good for you.
  18. Yeah I've got B55 installed. It's alright. But it doesn't have the node stuff in and there's a lot more stuff coming. I do believe there is a new interface coming...at least that's what it sounded like in their announcement. Or have I missed the node editor in B55?
    I'd like to see some screenshots from his work process.
  19. Let's not assume they're "crippling" anything. I think the old GUI is a tangled mess and I'm looking forward to a new redesigned interface. Let's just wait and see.
  20. OTOH, there is the prospect of a "new interface". I'm looking forward to this as it's much more customizable.
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