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  1. Does ZBrush 4R7 work with a 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator?
  2. Thanks for sharing, these images look great! A question, after the model is finished, how much effort is required to get these kind of results? Are we talking a few minutes, hours, or...?
  3. How about Smart Matter? Sounds kind of cool to say our models are covered in Smart Matter...
  4. I'm a bit confused as to how these "smart materials" will be implemented. Will it be like Shaders in the Sculpt room, with the ability to edit the material, layers in the Paint room, or...? Edit: Another question, and how will "SM" interact with Shaders and paint?
  5. Hey Javis, thanks for responding, What I was getting at is, is it legal to take a term that has been around for decades, assign it to a program feature, and now it belongs to you, to the exclusion of anyone else using it, in that context? I'm not trying to be facetious, is that really the way it works legally? Or are you saying that it's just not worth the potential problems that it may cause. Just curious...
  6. I don't see why we can't just use Smart Materials. Decades ago LED's where referred to as such. So was that wire that could be crumpled up and would revert to its original shape when immersed in hot water. And windows that would go from clear to opaque when electricity was applied. Plenty of graphics programs use "shaders" "paint" "materials" etc. and no one gets confused or upset. Why try to find something else, when Smart Materials fits so well? All the other suggestions don't really feel right some how.
  7. In one of the previous beta's, tools were being added to the Presets panel auto-magically. Lately this bug is back on my system. Anyone else getting this? 4.1.17 GL64 Windows 8.1 16 GB Ram
  8. My 2 cents... I just got a bigger monitor, 32" with 2560x1440 dpi (fabulous for graphics) and the font size for 3DC is o.k. (on the verge of being too small). The point being that font size is so dependent on system configuration. So if there is going to be a change, my vote would be to have it user configurable, that way everybody is happy. If it's going to be a fixed size font, leave it as is. Having too large a font is so much better than having one that's too small, and who knows what monitor is in your future, but I bet it won't be smaller.
  9. Thanks so much Carlosan, that fixed it!
  10. There is a small boarder around the viewport in the Sculpt Room of about 1/2 inch or so, where you can use the mouse to navigate, regardless of the tool being use. Sometimes this boarder is displayed and sometimes not, I don't know why, although it always works for navigation. Does anyone know what this boarder is called and how it is toggled on and off? Thanks!
  11. Hi Adam, I went to your website and purchased by pressing the "buy" button. This took me to PayPal where I completed the transaction. Got an Invoice email from PayPal confirming the payment, but no download link. I sent you an email... How do I get my video? Thanks.
  12. I just discovered an interesting phenomenon. I have 2 layers in the Sculpt room, a Voxel layer and a Surface layer. I select the Surface layer and picked the Subdivide tool, the tool panel for Subdivide opens up. Without operating on the Surface layer object, I switched to the Voxel layer, the Subdivide Tool panel remains opened. You can now subdivide an object with the Subdivide Tool in the Voxel Room, increasing the density of the whole mesh or the selected area!
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