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  1. agentc0re

    Stacked UV Support?

    Hi Jarvis! I can't tell you how glad i am that you 1) Know exactly what i'm talking about and 2) have already requested it as a feature. I hope with sharing this thread with Andrew, it helps convince him to implement it. As far as this being a deal breaker, well I do use 3DC for retopo so it's not a complete deal breaker. I really would love to be able to do most of my UV work in 3DC, it's sooo much more intuitive, easy and nice.
  2. agentc0re

    Stacked UV Support?

    Carlosan, I was asking if it was possible to do this and i just didn't understand how to do it. If it's not possible, i would love to request this as a feature to be added.
  3. agentc0re

    Stacked UV Support?

    Tony, is there a forum or video link you can give me. I have no idea who Taros is and if he's a youtuber or on this forum...etc. FWIW, i'm not asking for help in creating the UV"s. As far as my workflow from Maya->Unity, it's fine and works great. It's how a lot of people work. It's just when i want to use 3d-coat to further manipulate the UV's i can run into this problem with assets. The asset i provided in my images is just an example. What i'm looking for is if i clicked on any of the sub-objects, it would have their own UV space just like it is in Maya LT.
  4. agentc0re

    Stacked UV Support?

    The first 3 images are from Maya LT. I am just showing that when i select each object, they have their own UV space. I believe it's called UV Stacking?? I'm not tiling the UV's and i'm not creating any UV Sets. Then the last picture with color is from 3D-coat, which shows that all the UV's are stacked on each other on the same space. My intention is to further manipulate the UV's in 3D-coat as I find it to be more of a pain in Maya. As for Unity, it only sees UV set UV 1, the second UV set would be for lightmapping. I only mentioned the unity UV sets thing is because i believe UV sets would be a possible solution to my problem with editing UV's in 3D-Coat. I hope this has cleared things up a bit.
  5. agentc0re

    Stacked UV Support?

    Hello everyone. My work flow right now is Maya LT -> 3D coat for UVs -> Unity/Substance designer/painter In Maya LT, i can click on an object, create the initial UV and then move to the next object. This keeps all UV's in the first set on the 0,1 space but it stacks them. This works well for unity because it allows me to texture things individually and at a larger UV space. What I'm wonder is, does 3D coat have support to work this way OR is there a plan to do so (maybe it's a feature in beta?)?? Right now, all UV's are stacked on top of each other in 3D Coat. I can't seem to find away to select on of the objects and just manipulate it's UV's separate of the rest. Unity doesn't have support for UV sets and i'm not quite sure about the support for UV tiles. I hope i was clear enough in my question, i'm pretty new to all of this. Thanks! -Jon
  6. Mr. Alvordr I think a full tutorial covering how to make a game ready character would be awesome. I recently just bought your udemy course for the intro to 3d coat. I'm not sure if you cover this in there or not but one thing that i'm looking for in a game ready tutorial is, a very detailed and explanation heavy guidance on sculpting. See i come from a IT back ground then moved to college for math and physics degree. I'm just a beginning artist and would love explanation as to why your using this brush to make this detail and stuff like that. Maybe even suggesting alternatives but explaining why one works for you over the other. Details like that help me figure out what might work best for how i know i work. Hope i've explained this well. -Jon
  7. You should go with what you have! WHy? Because we would love to see it now! hahahaha. I am really looking to a tutorial that is very guided in the sculpting process.
  8. agentc0re

    How to make UV's for retopo mesh

    Thanks Gary, this explanation was SUPER helpful! ESP. the part about importing as a voxel which would wipe my UV's. Also, why else would you use the "Merge with NM - Per Pixel"?
  9. agentc0re

    How to make UV's for retopo mesh

    So after some more research and then playing around in 3D-Coat i realized that within the retopo area there are UV tools there! Cool. So i guess the UV section is only for meshes that were imported for painting? IIRC when i imported my mesh for voxelizing , then clicked the UV tab, my mesh wasn't there. What is the proper way to import a mesh so you can edit the UV's? There are so many ways to import meshs.
  10. agentc0re

    [SOLVED] Crashes when exporting retopo mesh as .FBX

    Sweet! That worked! Thank you.
  11. agentc0re

    How to make UV's for retopo mesh

    Hello! I have been working in the 30 day evaluation trial of 3d coat. Yesterday I took one of my asteroid models and used 3d coat to retopologize it. My first question problem i ran into was after i used the strokes tool to create geometry it had some errors which left a number of blank spots or a partial missing row. What can I do to prevent that or is that just par for the course? Secondly, after i finished the retopology i wanted to create UV's on it but clicking on the UV room didn't show my mesh. I had to export it as a OBJ and then import it in. Is there away to just take your retopo mesh directly into the UV room? side note, i was only allowed 3 posts today since i'm a new user and this is my last post. Wont be able to reply until tomorrow. Thanks! -Jon
  12. Hello! I am currently using the 30 day period to evaluate 3d coat. I want a better way to retopologize than what maya has to offer. After i retopologized my object i attempted to export it as a .FBX, which resulted in a crash. In fact i tried all 4 versions of the program executable and everyone one crashed when attempting to export the retopo mesh as a .fbx. I have submitted the info as prompted but i just wanted to post it here and see if maybe it's something that I'm doing wrong. A good note is that exporting to .OBJ works just fine. Attached is the screen shot and here is the submitted info of the report. http://pastebin.com/WbVuRQEh Thank you! -Jon