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  1. Jama

    Jama`s sketchbook

    Guys, thank you very much! First tests with PBR materials....all i can say..they are amazing.
  2. Jama

    Jama`s sketchbook

    Thank you! Water splashes were done by using carve tool and water splash brushes that i created in photoshop.
  3. Jama

    Jama`s sketchbook

    Sure, here is some of the models that i did from scratch in 3d-coat including water splashes and rain. As for battleship..i took a low poly sketch-up model from google warehouse and sculpted details just were i needed. However i`m building a submarine fully in 3d-coat now.. will share with once i`m done thanks jama
  4. Jama

    Jama`s sketchbook

    Apologies for massive post. Here are some images i`ve been working on for a small WW2 horror story. Modelling was done in 3D coat, rendering in Keyshot. These are final images, also you can scroll down to see some raw screengrabs from Keyshot. I sculpted rain and waves as well, but had to swap waves with photos in some images. 3D coat is still the best software ever. I`ll post more work in progress images.
  5. Jama

    Garagarape sketchbook

    Congrats! this is awesome
  6. Jama

    PBR textures, painting on voxels

    Wow, these are great. thank you very much for such a detailed and helpful answers.. i was messing around with autoretopo yesterday... got not very good results, especially for hardsurface stuff. i`ll try with decimated models as well. Actually i realised that lack of bump map is not a big deal, for the purposes i`m using 3dcoat for.. it is still the best tool for quick concepts i`ll post some stuff later once again, thanks a lot for your help, i really appreciate it!
  7. Jama

    PBR textures, painting on voxels

    Hey guys, thank you so much for your help and extensive answers. It makes sense. However it would be awesome if this feature could be introduced in later versions. Because as a concept artist..i just need to able to use powerful PBR`s to design textures for my voxel model. 3D coat is a great program..i honestly believe that it is more artistic and creative program than anything else out there. I was playing with models with UV`s yesterday..it is very promising. Is there a way to auto-retopologize voxel models quickly ?
  8. Hey guys, i`m trying to paint using PBR material on top of my voxel models. It looks awesome in preview, but when i paint i can get a decent specular and color information, but no bump information. I was wondering if there was a way to paint depth map as well. I just need this inside 3D coat...so i don`t want to retopolize my models. I might be asking for too much:) but it would be nice if someone could help me Attaching some images.
  9. Jama

    Jama`s sketchbook

    Started playing with PBR`s they are amazing
  10. Jama

    Jama`s sketchbook

    some hardsurface modeling in 3D coat
  11. Jama

    PBR : play - loving it!

    Looks amazing!!) keep it up Do you paint on top of voxels?
  12. Jama

    Jama`s sketchbook

    Guys, thank you very very much. Really means a lot. Some of the experiments i did a while ago, i sculpted objects in 3d coat and project painted textures in Keyshot, combination of bump map and opacity give me a good ground to paint over in photoshop Attaching raw renders and final paintovers.
  13. Jama

    Jama`s sketchbook

    btw.. iam playing with instances at the moment. 3D coat is amazing.. it is such a unique and powerful software.. ill post stuff later.
  14. Jama

    Jama`s sketchbook

    Thank you a lot guys. Carlosan, no. All renders are from Keyshot. Attaching a 3D coat render.. Timmy, It is a fan project:) Was done as a joke on my facebook page.