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  1. Thank you for the tips on getting flat surfaces. In doing so, I found a solution. This involves improving the retopo grid. I had to line up already on the plane close to the existing retopo lines on the curvature. This caused the surface to not seem to swell up like a pillow, but the new line is already flat. Best wishes
  2. Baking flat surfaces gives relief surfaces (cushions) My name is Vladimir, I live in Poland. I'm a 3D graphics enthusiast. Of course, 3D Coat, as well as Vue. Please help. I am preparing a model with flat surfaces in "SCULTP" and doing a retopo model. However, after baking the model for painting the flat surfaces become convex, are not quite flat (cushions). Depth of paint set to "0". I enclose examples. What is the hint of what to do to paint a baked surface on two sides? Regards (google translate :-)
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    My work, which is based on 3D-Coat. I am fascinated and inspired by the work of many other authors scenes and 3D models. I'm still curious novelty in dziedzinei 3D graphics, although I have on my head silver hair.
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    I have tested plugin: many times have imported 3d models files. Up to 2MB it goes smoothly, but if it's above 2MB I'm having problems with mesh import. Cannot import model to Unity. A fix would be useful and information regarding plugin opportunities