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  1. I want to use seamless texture drawing by brush with alpha images. Snake scales over the whole body in my case. I have a number of 16 bit square seamless tiles for different scales but I can't find a way to do this... What brush to use? How to tune the brush to make tiles connected seamlessly? Texture screenshots of normal and depth maps are in attachment Help please!! Sergey
  2. iRadovsky

    [Solved] abr import

    SOLVED! Suddenly after several attempts and several program reboots it happened - brushes are in place now
  3. iRadovsky

    [Solved] abr import

    Hi! I have bought brushes on cubebrush.co but .abr import doesn't work - after importing using + icon brushes doesn't appears in. I'm using 3DC Printing for Mac 1.1.04 debug version which was sending me by Sergii Kryzhanovskyi because 1.1.09 version doesn't accept my license number because of some problem.. Maybe I can have some help here? I need this brushes for my work. I'm a professional user in jewelery production - so didn't do any stupid thing I think. I have put some of my 3DC Printing work examples to prove that I'm really need your software - it is great! I just hoping on some help and may you will pay more attention to my problem with 3DC Printing which I bought last summer and still can't use normally because off bunch of bugs. Very hope on some help please!
  4. Who have registered successfully on MAC after purchasing 3DC Printing 1.109 ? What OSX version?