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  1. Рад слышать! Я сам с Сербии но друзья из росси говорят что СМИ врут безбожно и старшее поколение верит... и моя мать тоже.. ужас! У многих на этой почве с рдителями полный п..ц (( Держитесь там! Мы с вами как можем!!
  2. @Andrew Shpagin Что у вас происходит? Где вы? Вы в безопасности???
  3. Thanks a lot! It works now - starting to test 2021.23 Mac on Mojave
  4. HI guys! when we can expect the Mac version updates? 3DC 2021.23 not working on OSX Mojave - so I'm still on 3DC 2021.21
  5. 3DC 2021.23 Mac - don't work on Mojave - red screen and no authorization - learning version stars
  6. 3DC 2021.21 Mac HI! Can something be done with this kind off gizmo behaviour? 3DC2021_.mp4 3DC2021.mp4
  7. 3CD 2021.23 Mac version On Mojave - red screen and "learning" version On Big Sur - seems like goes fine
  8. 3DC 20121.21 Mac I have try to work on macbook 2015 and got just a red screen... not compatible?
  9. 3DC 2021.21 Mac Seems like bug in Curve Tool: Curve Tool 3DC 2021_21.mp4
  10. 3DC 2021.15 Mac Another one like this- when working with brush fast (for example rapid or clay brushes) - first surface touch doesn't make any stroke, .. it start to work only from second or third touch
  11. Would be great to have this option - just for family! Thanks!
  12. @3DC Support So this function can be available in some reasonable time?
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