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  1. Would be great to have this option - just for family! Thanks!
  2. @3DC Support So this function can be available in some reasonable time?
  3. 3DC 2021.15 Mac Curves Tool not working correctly with Z-up coordinate system
  4. Hey guys - is there the way to upgrade from node-lock to floating to make 2 computers run 3DC at the same time at my home?
  5. @Andrew Shpagin Hi! Where do you plan to make Mac version update?
  6. 2021.09 Mac version Not possible to add new layer with default density when using "+" button - 3CD creates empty layer, but with the same density as previously selected layer:
  7. 2021.09 Mac version Curve tool doesn't work properly in Z up coordinate system
  8. Hi guys! Have problem with 3CD 2021.07 - can't install it :
  9. Hey guys - any recommendation how to use mesh doctor to remove self intersections? I was trying , but some self inters. are gone , but some not or some new intersections are appears
  10. Curve tool.mp4 3DC 2021.06 Mac version Hi Andrew! When using curve tool - samples from Spline panel have wrong direction. I'm working Z axis up... but before it was not a problem
  11. It can happened on any project. Just if I don't noticing auto save countdown and don't making the pause in brush movement while it saving.
  12. 3DC 2021.04 Mac version. Very often hangs while autosaving. Very annoying... the same was on 4.9 version.Possible to fix?
  13. iRadovsky

    3DCoat 2021 Open Beta test !

    3D COAT 2021.2 Mac version Is it temporally empty? Or some issue?
  14. iRadovsky

    3DCoat 2021 Open Beta test !

    Copy and subtract RC2.mp4 @Carlosan@Andrew Shpagin Copy and Subtract issue Mac version video
  15. iRadovsky

    3DCoat 2021 Open Beta test !

    Report post Posted just now RC2 Mac version Coppy and Subtract From - doesn't working still. Making merge intead