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  1. and I may add (maybe I did that a long time ago); the icons itself are not really "rememberable" and do not look too different from each other! the floating-menus are ok, but the (lots) of (similar looking) and (not meaningful) icons are bad design (besides from looking somehow squished) If you guys invest a bit more into UI design, would be a well worth investment. I mean, the renderer and fx are top-notch, but the UI kills it for me. I avoid using instant light right now, to be honest, because of this horrible UI / icons... Cheers
  2. hey, I wonder, if this is a free update? I bought to Pro version (pre release version) already - do I need to buy the "1 year of updates" license, too? Or will I get updates like for 1 year, after I bought Instant light pro initialy?
  3. Congratz on the Release Now... we need Tutorial-vids, hehehehe - can you please make one on: NEW REALTIME FUR / GRASS SHADER with height option / MASK to add the shader on paint height at will!!!!! (1.0.44) This new shader can have both fur / grass on a model with a painted height mask. SUPERIOR quality (1.0.44) and the water shaders? Like I posted before, there are essential for me to work for environmental renders! Thanks a lot!
  4. wow, thanks a lot! I will try this and see, if I can get this to work. Many thanks, again
  5. hello, I´d like to know, how the workflow in 3D Coat looks like, to archive this (in particula the mask by noise and offset "deformation" to the right handside): Mask-Offset-Noise (please see 30:30 to 32:30) basically, a mask (16bit greyscale 1-255) was applied toi the mesh and then somehow "displaced" with an offset at least, this is what I was getting from the vid.. kind Regards
  6. ok, thanks for the head-up and keep up to good work!
  7. sounds nice ! any news on the masks?
  8. hello, sorry for not reporting back for a longer time - now I got my trail extended, I was able to test your suggestion - and it works! So I think, the issue is/was, that in voxel-mode, there is not much smoothing going on or it does not work as strong as in surface mode. Ok great, sp Pen Pressure works! Best Regards
  9. hello, I have to raise this topic once again... after installing the WinTab drivers, I did just a quickt test with the build brush - pen pressure worked great. Aftrer a while, I returned to 3D Coat to do a complete project, from A to Z (sculpt, retopo, UV, texture) - but I noticed, that some brushes do not work (have zero effect) and this is (among others) the smooth brush (as seperate brush or when pressing shift = the same). Smoothing does absolutly nothing on my model, I tested the same 3b.File on my desktops and smoothing works, as expected.... Also not doing anything: Fill (and "Planar" does not show a "Plane") I plugged a mouse into my book and - smoothing still doesnt work (!) How can this be? Is there some setting, I´ve overlooked? I am on a fresh 4.7.24 DX install... Thanks!
  10. Hello Sergyi, I really would like to test it - but unfortunately my trial-time expired yesterday. I expected the smooth brush to kind of "undo(even out" even drastic changes, like smoothing them out and make things look like before (this is the behavior in most other apps, I´ve tested so far). Smoothing-brush really "destroys" sculpt and does remove allmost all sculpted stuff. best regards
  11. So my 3D Coat trail is coming to it´s end soon, without having solved this issue - which is a sad thing. I would really like to use 3D Coat as my go-to-sculpting app... but without a working smoothing brush... well, I think I will look around for other software. Thanks for support, maybe I will check back later to see, if there will be a solution
  12. Ok - dont know, what it was - but after restarting, all brushes radius were set eeeery small ! As I increased radius, things start working again. But still, smoothing brush seems not to react on pressure - it allways smoothes things out veeeery slighly
  13. Hello Sergyi the pressure test is showing 300 (low pressure) and 600, when I press hard. just works, like before. I renamed the 3DCoat folder in documents, like you suggested, started 3D coat an tested brushes, again. Now, no brush is working - either with Pen, nor with mouse... either in voxel mode or in surface mode. For model, I used the large sphere of the "standard scene" entry in splash-menu
  14. wow, sounds great hope you and your team can make fast progress without having to squish too much bugs
  15. On the website, it says "Bakers" - but not included yet, right? Or did I overlooked something, again?!
  16. hey Sergyi, I downloaded the tester again and run it. It does not show "3d coat", but once again "Pen input (button). not sure, if I get this right?! So you suggest to delete my " Documents > 3D-CoatV47" ???. how can I test the 3d brushes inside this tester?! I am a bit confused...
  17. Nice ! Maybe add some kind of announcements instide Instant-light itself? Will follow on twitter, then!
  18. hey Michael, how do I get informed about new version or updates? Best regards
  19. Ok, let me correct this - smoothing kind of works, but just veeeery subtile, no matter what brush settings or pressure I use. Smoothing is set to 100% already, and even if I set the brush´s curve very high, still nearly no smoothing effect. On desktop when using a mouse, smoothing works much more dramatic/strong
  20. hey Carlosan, I did once agan installed the drivers and did a reboot - but still not working. When I use the suggested Pen pressure Test tool, the Pen gets recognized as Left Tablet Button, pressure is around 300, when I just press it soft and up to 600 when pressing hard. It also works when I use right button on the pen and it also recognise the eraser... Seems like it is working ok, I guess??? But in 3D Coat, it still does nothing with fill or smoothng brush
  21. Karsten

    3d Coat´s 4.7 bakers

    hello, as I continue my 30-day trail and having spent some more time in 3D Coat, I start to like it more and more. I discovered the baker just yet (baked out a normal map) and was very impressed, of how this is done. Normally, I bake in Substance Painter and or designer, (xnormal before that) but there is no visual feedback, of what your settings will look like. 3D Coat does have visual feedback - like showing ray-distance to inner and outer shell and you can define areas, that have different distance setting, which is great. In older versions, AO baker was not that good, I´ve read - was there an update already to this baker? Does it bake curvature map from normal map or from hight/low poly? Is there some GPU acceleration implemented already? Could you bake "by matching name", so you do not have to explode everything to get clean bakes? For normal map, 3D Coat seems to be really good, so I am amazed that I´ve found so little statements of users saying "I use 3D Coat for baking" Please tell me your experience and opinions on that. Maybe some dev got answer to my questions, regarding the bakers? Cheers
  22. Karsten

    "2 GB gpu or 4GB gpu"

    hi stusutcliffe go for 4GB or even 8 I´d say! like a GTX 1070, which got very affordable, lately. I would not mess around with 2GB anymore. Generally, the more GPU RAM, the better, as you may have guessed already. I try to find out, if things like bakers are supporting GPU actually, I am waiting for a dev-response myself. Cheers