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  1. A little follow up for you Linux pros if I may.. I extracted the 3Dcoat folder from my Desktop initially, and noticed it created a bunch of folders in the root of my Documents folder for instance. How do you all go about installing it to keep the install clean and not add things in potentially unwanted places?
  2. Indeed, I ran but received ./3dcoat: error while loading shared libraries: libomp.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory I ran sudo apt install libomp5 and then tried again ./3dcoat and it worked. Many thanks!
  3. @Allabulle, yes if I try clicking on the executable file in Pop OS, it doesn't open. Are you able to share the command you use to run it possibly?
  4. Dismayed that this bug is still present - switching to English language didn't help. Don;t want to have to break flow to go to OBJ, it messes up scales
  5. This would be game changing, have signed up to their updates :O
  6. This is a really important topic and it's a great disappointment it doesn't seem to be taken seriously
  7. Hi all! I have 'a' mesh with multiple subobjects / subtools / submeshes. I made use of zremesher for creating a low topology mesh. I then used UV master to unwrap it in Zbrush. For some reason two of the submeshes would not unwrap. I would like to use 3DCs UV tools to manually UV & unwrap these two submeshes whilst maintaining the other UVs. I've tried a bunch of import options, but the mesh won't even import to the sculpt room (shows up as 0 polys, - imports to Blender fine). Any help greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi @Oleg_Shapo, I scaled up so that the pieces are approximately 2cm according to 3DC scale. If I export as an stl using normal export it comes out fine: When I use the export for 3D printing menu it comes out like this: Are you sure the tool works as expected?
  9. The scale is preventing the export @Oleg_Shapo ? It's a slight issue as this is the correct real-world size that it needs to be printed at
  10. I saw you download @Oleg_Shapo, any luck seeing the issue?
  11. I left for over 5 minutes and nothing,nothing seems to be happening in 3DC either. Sending now @Oleg_Shapo
  12. Also @Oleg_Shapo, when I try export with the 'Export for 3D printing' item in the file menu, rather than the normal export item/menu, nothing seems to get exported. I get an almost empty file. Any advice? Recording #621.mp4
  13. A question @Oleg_Shapo, so I don't need to redo the joints, just export the exact same model with that setting off?
  14. Thank you Oleg! I will try
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