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  1. Wise words indeed I Suggested to copy Maya's modelling user experience because 3dcoatu are small team, and taking a reference of something that is working great is not a bad thing for them. it will allow them to continue focus on the sculpting tools that is the main area of the program, while still delivering good modeling solution without months of UX development that is very hard to do.
  2. I think this team is amazing, so much talent and hard work That said, the Modeling room is in a bad shape right now by my opinion. Just copy maya modeling tools to the smallest resolution. they nailed UX-wise. If you dont know maya's modeling ill be happy to help you and show you the tools and how easy they made them for the user. Blender is also ok, but maya is simply great. second only to modo's tools.
  3. Hi guys. can you please make tutorial series about programing tools to 3D coat? Basic transforms tool modifications and simple things will be great to begin with. ill start working in this list my self:
  4. Yap, But the entire room is a MODE, for that goal. The select tool/mode is like an unneeded additional layer between my object and me. another click that is unnecessary. because we select a lot in the process of modeling, this one click is actually meaningful in a bad way. And thank you for reading all my suggestion. i wrote an entire page about many more core suggestions for the UX of the modeling room. i am very excited about the development of that room.
  5. Great work guys ! Can you please push up the feature request of selecting UX? Disabling the select tool and delete it from the modeling room please. the modeling room is the select tool. the entire room is modelling room, please have it that we are always able to select one of the 3 components depand on the last mode we chose. EXAMPEL: so if i am setting hotkeys: 1 for points 2 for edges 3 for polygons no matter what im doing, or what tool is currently active, if i press 1 i can select points. and it will remember the last points selection i had. Now, after pressing 1, if i press W for move tool, i am still on points mode, but my move tool is active. if i press 2 the move tool is still active but i can now select edges. if i press q for marquee selection the edges are still active but now instead of move tool i have marquee selection. but can still select individuals with SHIFT. Have it understand that if 0 components are selected it will move the entire layer like an object. and please please, add the default behavior that if we press on the background it deselect anything. keep the ctrl+d for those who like it better. please, this thing i just wrote will make the entire modeling process 2-3 times easier. Thank you very much for all the effort, and stay safe guys.
  6. i see that the move tool is snapping to a polygon if pressing on it, is it possible to have it automatically inherit that polygon's normal direction ? It was one of the things i wrote in the long list of modeling improvements Amazing work guys, thank you
  7. hey guys I know to program in C# ( a little rusty but i can refresh my memory) The writing is done in C++ ? Is there documentation about the functions and everything ? (did not installed V7 yet)
  8. Hi guys, very important for me to know the direction of the development of this area of 3d coat
  9. They have color if u try to edit them, but they dont show it. tried to open older 3dcoat it worked, and then loaded the scene from there, and then they also became dark in all scenes