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  1. Thanks so very much
  2. Hello, how can i make a new preset with these specs? the normal maps are X+, Y+, Z+
  3. Hello, Can anyone direct me to the instructions for updating the way your uv's are set out but without having to redo the texturing in paint room. can i move my uvs around in better ways then update it to the paint room?
  4. Can anyone direct me to where in the UI i can find/see a list of the standard hotkeys already active in the program before you set your own?
  5. Lizbot

    [Solved] Help please

    worked perfectly thanks Stu, youre the greatest.
  6. Lizbot

    [Solved] Help please

    Thanks stu. I think you might be on the money because I noticed it is showing visible material layers as invisible when the eye is on and vice versa. Thanks to all I will let you know how it turned out.
  7. Lizbot

    [Solved] Help please

    I already stated previously that restarting the program and resetting it in the preferences did nothing. So this gif is the only way i know how to show you. As you can see the move tool is activated. You can also see the layer is visible. You can also see that move degree is 16%. As soon as i try to move the object it gives the message. https://gyazo.com/c600cd9e262ebd2a1719659c5b0da042
  8. Lizbot

    [Solved] Help please

    Thanks I had to go check this and it was off and so were beta tools, still trying to figure out why its not letting me move on a visible layer.
  9. Lizbot

    [Solved] Help please

    Can anyone help with this please. . The layer is visible and I’m using the move tool exactly how I was using it only days earlier on the same project. Only now I get the above mentioned message.
  10. Lizbot

    [Solved] Help please

    Thanks. I thought it was obvious the layer is not invisible. Hence the confusion why it’s giving me the invisible layer message. Is is there some setting I could have triggered with a hot key. There is no list of hot key assignments I can find to check this. Just to confirm. The layer is visible and I’m using the move tool exactly how I was using it only days earlier on the same project. Only now I get the above mentioned message.
  11. Lizbot

    [Solved] Help please

    Thanks. Voxelize immediately is ticked. When I try to use the move tool it doesn’t work and brings up that message. The retopo is visible but it does it even with the retopo turned off. How can I fix this please. I cannot progress on this project. I’ve tried resetting the program and saving a new file. It’s never happened before. I’m using the move tool exactly how I’ve always used it. What have I done wrong.
  12. Can anyone tell me why i am getting this message all of a sudden I have always used move tool the same but now its saying this.
  13. Merry Christmas everyone. Which setting for normals in 3d Coat has the tangent basis X+ Y+ Z+ Also, how can I stop 3D Coat from reverting to default settings every. time. i. open. it. Seriously, I need it to remember my settings and its not.
  14. Lizbot

    Hard surface retopo help

    idgaf im not using those programs, am i. this is also the community board for 3d coat so.. w/e
  15. Lizbot

    Hard surface retopo help

    yes unfortunately i found out after spending days making those models lol, as you can probably tell from my original post i was pretty frustrated about it. 3d coats amazing (though having a lot of annoying bugs atm ) still love the program, its amazing