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    A render of a model I just finished. First time posting here. Not sure what to put for copyright but I own all rights.
  2. Since I updated to 2022.29 I have noticed that in paint room, when you turn off gloss and noise, the preview window still shows you the gloss and noise and not the effect you have expected by turning off gloss and noise. Also, now when you change through the layer types, you can no longer hover over the type, such as multiply, color burn etc and see the effect in the preview window. You have to actually click on the change and wait for it to show. Can this be turned off in preferences is this a bug or a feature?
  3. I could just kiss you....This worked, I had no idea you could project your paint room retopo onto a new retopo.... Thank you thank you thank youuuuuuu
  4. Hello, thanks for the reply, yes I did, and it does send the new retopo to the paint room but then the textures do not show on it.
  5. As stated in my post, I already tried this. The updated retopo does not go to the UV room. How can I make this updated retopo go to the UV room? The retopo is the exact same shape as before I just had to add more edges to it so I can add more seams and split up the object to more materials to get higher resolution as I cannot import higher than 1k textures. I had to add more edges onto the retopo as it only had 30 or so faces as it is a very low poly shell. foe example i split one face into four faces and made each face one material. I want the new retopo and new uv to go to the paint room without losing my textures, i cant replicate them.
  6. Hi all, Thanks for looking at my problem. my original retopo object was projected to paint room and i have spent considerable time painting it and then discovered i needed better resolution. I have changed the retopo with more seams and changed the UV's to have more sets to increase the resolution to SL. how do I make the new retopo and uv sets go to the paint room without losing all my textures that I have painted, I have tried a lot of things and nothing is working. How can i send the new retopo and uv sets to the UV room, I can update the uvs into the paint room from there but I have not found a way to put the new retopo and uv sets into the uv room. Any suggestions would be great, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease thanks. Edit: I am restricted to 1024x1024 texture uploads in this platform that is why i have made my mesh a lot of different UV sets so i can change the item to higher resolution. Once I had uploaded it i discovered it was not quite good enough resolution soi went back to the retopo and put more edges into it without changing the shape, so i can split up the faces more and make more uv sets. Now I cant find a way to put the changed retopo into the paint room with the new UV's without losing the textures I have already painted.
  7. Hi everyone, thanks for looking at my issue, I used to use the presets in the last version of 3D coat, but I can't find them in this 2022 version. Can someone tell me which tool to use to make a straight edge, define an edge, have been using smart pinch but I must be using it wrong because it doesn't work that well for me. The flatten tool used to have a setting to lift edges, and I can't find that either, I am wasting SO much time trying ways to get a result and nothing is working. Thanks.
  8. I was just having an issue where the brush was behaving as if it had jitter to move around randomly and was going where i wasn't clicking, making marks in my project where they weren't wanted, i was using the scrape brush on 5 depth and soft scrape off, i tried turning off the 3d grid and the issue stopped.
  9. Hello yes, I have just now done something that seems to have fixed it. I clicked the house icon to reset the camera to default position and it seems to have stopped the issue to my relief. Not sure why this worked because i used the reset all settings function and that didn't work. Now its working as it should, many thanks.
  10. Hello everyone, hoping someone has experienced this and found a fix. I have made a sculpt model and currently using smart retopo to make a low poly mesh of it. I turned on symmetry and used the symmetry option to copy one side of the retopo to the other and now my model disappeared. I reset the program and then i was able to press 7 and see it above the grid, but if i move the camera away from the top view it disappears completely including the grid. This is a great program but I really am getting frustrated with this kind of thing happening where its impossible to proceed further. Is there a fix for this or am i going to have to go back to another program. I am on the most current stable version which i updated yesterday. I already looked on the internet for a solution but can see nothing. Thanks for any suggestions.
  11. I am using a large monitor and having trouble with a part of the UI that I cannot find a way to increase the size. You know those option box, brushes etc that comes up when you choose a tool the little x to close the box is only a couple of millimetres for me, It's very hard for me to click on it using my graphics tablet pen and even my mouse. Please can someone tell me how I can make this "x"bigger to at least one centimetre lol I have looked all through the options and can't see where. many thanks. Edit: I forgot to add it doesnt change when you change the font size in preferences.
  12. Hi all at 3DCoat, hope you are all safe. I think I found a bug, I had my sculpt object in surface mode then tried to use the symmetry copy feature and it crashed and said file unstable, so I tested it going back to voxel? mode in sculpt room and applied symmetry copy with no problems. Thanks. I am using windows 10, with a GTX 1070 card, 32 GB RAM and i5 processor.
  13. I un-ticked/ticked the 'use multiple cores' and halved the settings and its using all my memory now, I got a great result with lower specs also. I left this up in case anyone else has an issue with their RAM not being utilized or glitching? Not sure.
  14. Hi everyone, thanks for taking the time to look, I am trying to find out if 3DC uses only the dedicated graphic card memory (Mine is 8GB) or what because I am having trouble with the program just non responsive for hours to bake an occlusion on the highest quality and when i look in task manager it is only using 8GB of memory even though i have 32GB and 8GB graphics card. Its really frustrating to think my PC cant handle this and its not that complicated a scene. What am i doing wrong please this is really frustrating me. I want a really good occlusion and curvature.
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