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  1. RandyBonnette

    Arthur Thomson A handbook of anatomy for art students (1915)

    Just to have all handbooks and tutorials in one place. Does anyone have a pdf copy of Anatomy for 3D Artists: The Essential Guide for CG Professionals by Chris Legaspi? I had a bookmarked page on better-digital-artist, but the page gives me an error.
  2. RandyBonnette

    Is anyone teaching 3d Coat in a live class?

    I wanted to start teaching an online course last year, but due to the lack of materials I gave up (I tried to improve my 3D Coat projects in Modo then) and besides, I'm an amateur - people usually want licensed professionals to teach them. Anyone here who is planning to launch similar courses soon? I could share the materials I collected while preparing my own program.
  3. RandyBonnette

    CTRLPAINT.COM - great page for learning 2D-painting

    I remember I started with it in 2011 (!) It seems so easy now, but anyway, you always learn something new with each project (I completed a bunch of those with the group of Rochester Institute of Technology experts; they invited freelancers and amateurs back then). Has anyone tried Ctrl+Paint with Krita, btw? Any projects to share? I also tried DrawABox a couple of months ago, but it seemed very much "programmer" oriented.
  4. RandyBonnette

    Gnomon rated as best school in the world for animation and VFX

    They now have educational licenses for V-Ray, but who cares. There're so many alternatives now that with this amount of money (which could be supposedly spent on the school), you may afford everything. Gnomon was my dream school 4 years ago, but then I was persuaded that an art school is a total waste of money and so I became a self-taught amateur.
  5. RandyBonnette

    Houdini Applinker

    Hi there, Is it possible to define a new location to store files? The $HIP variable in Houdini actually defaults to the C:/users/username folder whenever I start Houdini. I'm working on a project and need to configure $HIP and a project directory. I asked the same on sidefx forum, but there's no reply yet.
  6. RandyBonnette

    Intel coerced Cinebench to make AMD lose in their tests

    Hello, I guess one more issue is SSSE3/SSE4.2 requirement that is made when the games are released (practically it's an issue for those who choose Phenom II line of AMD processors are some of the best processors which do not support SSSE3). I own a Phenom II 1100T 6X and I'm thinking to downgrade to something slower. Sorry for bumping.