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  1. extrude tool resets its stroke mode settings after swtiching to render mode and back
  2. 2d tool cant paint with lasso tools now, it act as extrude instead
  3. all brushes with buildup enabled still bugged in symmetry
  4. jimhatama

    Smart materials layers

    thats not only abt AO. Its abt general workflow. The Smart maetrial should provide standard layer stack with different maps to add and blending modes, like in substance so ppl could mix whatever they want
  5. jimhatama

    Smart materials layers

    I mean that I have material with albedo, roughness, metallness and AO. So I can create smart material with them. But I see no way to add AO in this mix
  6. jimhatama

    Smart materials layers

    I mean custom AO not baked by coat
  7. jimhatama

    Smart materials layers

    Smart materials layers should like like normal layers with blending modes. The inability to add AO map in smart material kinda depressing.
  8. Maybe voxel scrape can be remade with new engine too?
  9. curve rotation still wrong
  10. 2d paint kinda got worse with update
  11. Render room reset its lighting and exposure settings if switched to other room
  12. Smart retopo forgets its settings each new stroke
  13. and splines have wrong rotation on curve
  14. Curves tool bugged.it cant place points on objects and cant move them if they have snapped to surface
  15. thats actually build up bug too - disable buildup. buildup bugged on all brushes but different for each one