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  1. these look real nice!!!the chainmail is cool
  2. Heres a guy i started working on tonight,Still not sure where to take him but wanted to show you guys what i have been working on.Hope you like him
  3. That is awesome!!I am working on setting bones and animating i am not so good yet...Im working on it though
  4. you could try using the curve tool,i think that might work well. The snake tool might work as well but Curve lets you move it around alittle more. Looking good!!!
  5. looking great,I have to work with the cloth,its really nice.
  6. I finished up my bird and put him on a base.hope you like it
  7. Wow ,that is very impressive for sure.I have thought of trying voxels for landscapes.its seems to work very nicely. Did you paint it in 3d coat?
  8. these are very nice...i like the jacklantern alot very nice job!!
  9. heres some painted updates,im not done still working on the legs and might add a plum on his head..but im liking it so far hope u guys like it
  10. Kind what i was going for,IM still working on some details on him ill put them up befor i go to painting
  11. I was really liking the brush i used on the alien and using similar concepts thought id do a whole character,this is where i am so far.I am going to put more detail in the bird befor setting him up for painting
  12. yeah that rat head was real nice,I liked the animation of him walking with the cheese.
  13. I can work on the skin texture more,i kept this one kind of simple and yeah hes not a bad guy,I hadnt thought of a body but i can try one. I was basically trying a couple of new brushes out and turned it into what he is.I had no plan on what i was making just having fun.
  14. Did this one all in 3d coat/was just playing around with some new brushs.i think hes a cool looking guy hope u like him
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