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  1. demether

    3D-Coat 3.5 released!

    Very good upgrade ! seems like for one time i jumped on the right boat... not each time the case... thank you very much for all the good stuff
  2. demether


    :good2: :good2: :good2: very nice model ! my god you have a real gift !! you can make a game on your models, very cool looking bad guy ! you deserve to be famous !! i'm sure you will !! thank you for your pictures.
  3. demether

    V4 released :)

    Congratulations Andrew best wishes for the mother and for you !
  4. demether


    @Guedin thank you for your trick, very nice work indeed !
  5. demether


    really cool ! if you could detailed your green channel method to increase normal map it would be very cool too ! or make a tutorial if it is not abusing ...
  6. demether


    you need to "retopo" it cause to much polygons bon courage pour la neige !
  7. demether

    Ptex format for 3DCoat?

    @AbnRanger Thanks to you to anticipate our participation in all that, but if you are so in hurry to pay, please do it for me... cause i don't know for others but i'm not rich and i would prefer to have an option for that feature rather than an obligation... i'd like more an "apply UV" button in retopo room without exporting or merging to apply the seams i made. first let's finish and polish existing stuff and clarify workflow before facing new problems. just my thought
  8. demether

    3D-Coat 3.1 updates thread

    Happy New Year to you all !! great 2010 Year for coating !!! thanks to Andrew for all the job done until now
  9. demether

    3D-Coat 3.1 updates thread

    Happy for you that this story is well finished thanks for all you do for us
  10. what ? you buy a software and want to know how it works ? still digging after a half-year and don't understand all workflow.... [sarcastic] option : (wallet) kurv studio with a big dvd.. ...money for nothing...[/sarcastic] good luck
  11. demether

    Voxels > displacement map workflow ?

    if you want step by step here i can give you some clues: 1) open your wallet 2) goto kurv studios thing 3) spend a lot of time watching big buck dvd as i can see here, some know, say it's easy but don't tell for nothing... sad but true world sorry i'm not in the mood tonight...
  12. demether

    How to start voxel mode without the ball ?

    i second Amber with this plus i add one thing very annoying for me : when you merge an object on voxels, it is really ridicully downscaled and when you scaled it and press enter 2 objects are in the scene : the real one and another fake one !! i really don't understand the meaning of this workflow here, i need to move away the flickering object to begin the work.... voxels are an enigma to me but that's it, i only doing retopo so it was just an opinion.
  13. demether

    procédure pour normal map

    Grand merci à toi Artman ! j'ai réussi à suivre la procédure et à obtenir une normal map à peu près comme je le voulais. un petit screen du support amortisseur (ce sont mes premiers tests avec 3dcoat) dans le sandbox du leadwerks engine
  14. demether

    procédure pour normal map

    Merci Artman vraiment sympa et bien décomposé pour mon cerveau lent.... c'est exactement ce dont j'avais besoin pour comprendre le process je vais m'y attacher et t'en donnerai des nouvelles par la suite merci encore pour ton explication tabernak ça m'botte l'cul !
  15. Salut à tous je commence seulement à me plonger dans 3D coat et j'avoue ramer pour effectuer du low-poly avec normal map j'aimerais que quelqu'un si possible décrive les phases nécessaires pour: 1- partir d'un High -Poly texturé (uv-mappé ?) 2- retopo du high-poly (ensuite quoi faire: merge du low-poly, suppression du High-poly ?) 3- baker la normal-map du High-Poly vers le Low-Poly (comment procéder?) voila beaucoup de questions qui me laissent un peu perplexe pour le moment... si une bonne âme avait un peu de temps pour décrire et expliquer, une video serait un must, ce serait très sympa ! merci d'avance !!