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  1. Ghostdog

    Mesh Mixer 05

    Very nice update. Some great utility tools, bridge/handle looks useful. Some good stuff for edge loops too. Sweet.
  2. Interesting technology used here, 98% automated tech that builds 3D cities and regions from images only with accuracy to 6 inches found at fastcodesign http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqtlGNtc58g
  3. Ghostdog

    iPhone 3D Scanner

    Found this tonight. I don't have an iPhone but still looks pretty cool. iPhone 4 3D ScannerUsing projected light from four different directions, an app called Trimensional, from Georgia Tech researcher Grant Schindler, will assemble a 3D scan using an iPhone 4′s built-in camera. Once you've captured a desirable visage you can optionally memorialize said countenance by outputting a watertight file and sending it to your favorite 3D printer. [viaRRW]
  4. Mine just arrived too. Yay
  5. No email for me yet either
  6. Congrats Tinker, must be super happy event getting to completion.
  7. Ghostdog

    3DC site Under attack

    What is the system used for these 'Groups'? What is contributor, how is it awarded?
  8. Ghostdog

    Queensland Floods

    Hi, myself and Jake_H are residents of Brisbane, Queensland. 75% of the State has been declared a disaster zone. The state covers an area larger than France & Germany combined. I'm stranded near an area badly hit but no damage to home or family. I can only hope Jake is fine. Communication is obviously difficult. A tropical cyclone is developing far away in the East, so far posing no immediate threat. If you can spare any amount of money please consider donating. The official site is Donate to the Queensland floods Sadly we have just heard a flood in Brazil has claimed 170lives. Brazil floods Nature is a powerful force that has a amazingly ability to remind us we are 'only' human. Take care, Robbie
  9. I nominate this thread for "Best discussion of multiple platforms held in a constructive manner without any participants getting burnt by flames"
  10. Now available for download. Haven't loaded yet but was only about a 18mb download!
  11. This was inspired by Javis Jones 'Kitbashing' tutorial vids, a great way to learn the fun craft of kit bashing The first image shows the rig rendered in Vue. I used a degraded version of the mesh as 3dc failed to complete my first attempted at merge for painting, so I cranked out a lower quality version instead. You can see a nicer resolution object in the last screenshots. I liked the grungy look that the 'quick & dirty' merge-> vertex produced so decided to take advantage of it. Turntable vid
  12. Academy & Emmy award winning non-linear editor Lightworks to be released as open source November 29 Initially, Lightworks will run on Windows XP or newer (both 32 and 64-bit versions). The community hopes to have a Linux port ready to go by late 2011 source: http://www.downloadsquad.com/2010/11/11/professional-grade-lightworks-open-source-video-editor-to-be-rel/
  13. Ghostdog


    Reference photo - Me too. *blushes* Good work on Gollum, look forward to see him with his skin on
  14. Ghostdog

    3D-Coat Videos

    Hey. What's the filesize for d/l of "KitBashing the SciFi Ship - Set URL: http://javisjones.co...ning/video0006/" ?