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Found 10 results

  1. Ok, so I've decided to show some of the stuff I've made with 3DCoat. There is some work done in Photoshop( LUTs, gradients, adjustments), but overall it's all made inside 3DCoat - sculpted, painted and rendered. No retopo, no UV's just a high poly with custom shaders and smart materials.
  2. Hey welcome! Hello everyone! I would like to share with this fantastic community my work in progress that I make using 3D-Coat. In this my sketchbook, I invite everyone to participate and that you feel free to say what you really think of my work ...No heartbroken!
  3. Hey everyone, This is thread to follow the development of a project that I have been developing called Gladiotron. It is an original project and hopefully the first of many. My pipeline consists primarily of Blender and 3D Coat, with some other applications for authoring PBR textures and then ending up in Unity. Our target platform is PC and Console initially, then possibly mobile afterwards. I have a few goals with this project. 1. To engage the 3d Coat and Blender communites 2. To share development progress on the art assets and the game 3. To work with the 3D Coat team in a similar way to the way the Blender Foundation creates film projects to drive the development of the application
  4. Hi, my name is Tam - a Junior concept artist base in Vietnam. 3D-coat is one of my main program to create concept - everything I know is from Jama's class, so I want to share with you guys some of my works using 3D-coat.
  5. AntonTenitsky


    From the album: Bigrail

    Railgun turret fully done in 3D coat and rendered in Keyshot. I share my techniques on my channel - https://www.youtube.com/c/AntonTenitsky
  6. arjun07

    yu-gi-oh 1.jpg

    From the album: Yu-Gi-Oh Set

  7. zhoslen


    My new personal project, dedicated GITS, tried to make some concept design for metal armor, in 3dCoat, inspired by Gavriil Klimov
  8. Hey Everyone, I just wanted to share the announcement of a mobile game I just released. It's called Buzzle and right now it's iOS only, but will be coming to Android soon. It's a pretty cool game, with a unique concept. It's a free download, you can play the first world before you decide if you want to buy the rest. I would love to get your feedback. And spread the news! http://www.glowbuglabs.com I did the ingame art. Models, animation, and tiles. I used 3D Coat and Photoshop for doing the tiles and making sure they are seamless. I also used Blender and TVPaint. The game is done in Unity.
  9. "Mixamo would like to announce that The Auto-Rigger is now free for any mesh under 10,000 triangles." This amazing free option that can be beneficial to 3D Artists beginner and advanced. Check it out here: http://www.mixamo.com/c/auto-rigger
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