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Found 6 results

  1. is there a way to polish/smooth a mesh in the Sculpt room with a command instead of doing it manually? thanx
  2. I am an avid car enthusiast, especially antique, vintage and classic cars & trucks, as well as muscle cars of the 1960s, hot rods, rat rods and kustomized cars. In 1983 I restored a 1960 Corvette which I still own and take for pleasure drives & to car shows/cruise-ins. Just curious if anyone has modeled a car or truck (and not other vehicles like space ships, boats, airplanes). I've used Silo3D, Hexagon3D and Groboto3D to model various cars and hot rods. In similar threads at 3D Coat I've been told 3D Coat is really not suited to car modeling. However I've noticed some people have created some pretty amazing cars in ZBrush. This tutorial seems pretty simple in ZBrush However this ZBrush tutorial on a classic 1960's Ford Mustang GT500 is more along the lines of the cars I would love to model in 3D. When I get some downtime, I'll have to try something along these lines...
  3. Hello. I am very new to 3d coat. I have already learned manual retopologisation (strokes and making polygons on imported surface) Could anyone suggest an automatic way of retopo of "flat" surfaces, that is not closed surfaces I have to retopo many many models like the one in image: thanks for any advice - it takes days and days to build this manually..
  4. Hi, I'm Sam and I'm looking at using 3D-Coat primarily for the auto retopology tools. I seem to be having some issues so I'd like to make sure I've got the workflow down for simply importing meshes straight out of the 3D modelling program. So first, I export my model and import it using the Perform Retopology option on the menu. Then Perform auto-retopology. I leave default settings and do not paint any strokes just to see what results I get as standard. However, this is what I get. Am I doing something wrong or is an issue present. It's not a complex shape so I wouldn't have thought I'd need to do anything too complicated. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Sam
  5. Hey, i just saw this: http://3d-coat.com/?id=109&list=singleimg&img_name=137762198694&img_type=1 And people say it's from automatic retopology! But i can't find any guides how to achieve effect like this. The most important is to keep hard edges hard - and these on the picture are really accurate! I will be grateful for some hints. Hard surface auto retopology is something that world really needs
  6. Hi, i used the auto seams feature and unwrapped... the uvs turned out to be incredibly disproportionate. The only reason I can see for this is that I have made an incredibly large tri/polygon... but the twist is i cant find this polygon. If there were an invert selection function for the retopo room i could test if this idea is correct but i cant see this function, whut should i do?
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