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Found 5 results

  1. I want to use seamless texture drawing by brush with alpha images. Snake scales over the whole body in my case. I have a number of 16 bit square seamless tiles for different scales but I can't find a way to do this... What brush to use? How to tune the brush to make tiles connected seamlessly? Texture screenshots of normal and depth maps are in attachment Help please!! Sergey
  2. I accidentally drew on my reference image, and now I can`t erase those strokes, destroying my reference image. Is it not possible to reset it? I can`t reload in the image either, the lines er stuck. I`m also having trouble finding my way in the documentation, to where ever it explains the extremely unintuitive reference image stuff..
  3. Is there a way while in Retopo Mode to draw a NGon shape on the surface of a mesh? Both sides of my hipoly mesh has a circle cut and extruded into the mesh. Of course you can freehand redraw your topology. But the edges are not equilateral or equal in length. The freehand method works but is not accurate enough for me and what I am doing. It would be nice to have the ability to draw a NGon shape onto your surface with a defined value for the number of points or edges.(Exactly like you can do in 3DSMax). This would make the task of doing circles a breeze in the retopo process. This ability might exist in 3D Coat but I am still a noob with this application. max3d2
  4. Can shapes be drawn in "surface mode"? I used the "click to add points to a curve" brush with blob and works quite well to make shapes in voxel mode.
  5. Can we please implement a way to draw circular with splines from the point we click in the direction we stroke, in addition to the way we already can. Currently, if I want to draw a circle from dead center of another circle, I have to constantly keep trial and error until I get it right. If I could check a box and then draw the spline from my start point out into the direction I stroke, I would have greater control. I also have no idea how to get a uniform circle, unless I hold shift, which also seems to smooth the paint with circle spline. This isn't what I want.
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