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Found 8 results

  1. Hi guys, after updating to version 36 from version 35, I'm noticing that my interface is glitching again (parts of the ui jump around in fragments). I have been able to reproduce this by uninstalling completely and deleting all 3dcoat directories under the documents folder followed by a reboot of the system. I then installed 3dcoat version 29 which was behaving good, I then upgraded to v36 and the ui started glitching. I then downgraded to version 35 which is what I was running before, and the glitch went away. I then upgraded back to 36 and the glitch came back again. I hope that's helpful, but if a video would help, I can do that as well, just let me know. Thanks!
  2. Hi, looks like the latest update has the glitchy ui again. if you add a panel like the presets panel and dock it in the sculpt room, it starts to glitch in pulses. I've tried resetting all layouts and that did not help. The only way I found to fix this was to uninstall and revert to version .25. Not sure if others are seeing this behavior. Thanks
  3. I am tying to texture paint my model but these lines appear at Vertices and Edges seemingly for no reason...https://streamable.com/wk9not https://i.imgur.com/IgOK9Ik.png
  4. I've been using 3DC on both a Windows 10 machine and Linux(both with nvidia graphics) and noticing some problems with tools like Surface Hide and Freeze when in Sculpt Room with Surfaces(haven't tried voxels). Hiding triangles, then garbage triangles sometimes appear, even though they're not really there. This is happening quite a bit with a cube model(primitive) in the linux build(4.8.04, GL64), issues are far more prominent in linux build so far(just testing it now). Freeze often leaves areas still marked black even though the selection is invalid. This can usually be corrected by getting the surface hide tool and going over it(just holding ctrl to keep it from actually being hidden works). Had quite a few problems earlier today on Windows with Freeze acting up, I think I had to reload 3DC to get proper accuracy on what was freezed and what wasn't. Side question, Surface Hide, the brush had "Ignore backfaces" enabled, I hid a ring of faces around the cube, then "Geometry > delete hidden" the mouse would hide surface if I selected from inside the cube(even though backface culling was enabled and showing the BG). Is this expected? Sounds like the feature being ticked would avoid that from happening from the internal faces that don't render a surface(unless unchecking View->backface culling).
  5. Hi all! New to 3DCoat, so I might be doing something wrong, but there's these weird speckles on my retopo'd model. Any ideas as to what went wrong?
  6. Hey everyone. I've been running into this strange problem where my model keeps disappearing when I hover it. The model isn't actually gone, it's just a visual glitch and I can usually get it back by hitting one of the preset camera positions. This time it really bugged out and I was able to screen cap a video of it. Has anyone else run into this problem? My models are pretty low res and my machine is brand new with up to date specs so I don't think it's hardware. Not sure though. Let me know if anyone has any suggestions. Thank you!
  7. I'm a new user to 3D Coat and I've been wrestling with an issue for about 3 days regarding painting with mirrored UV's on a model. When using a brush along the mirrored UV border I get these weird splotchy glitches that look pretty ugly. My version of 3D-Coat is version 4.5.03(GL64), and is for a Mac. It should also be mentioned it is a trial version. I've done some research into this issue and apparrenntly this used to affect older versions of 3D coat but was patched. http://3d-coat.com/mantis/view.php?id=1608 Having tried this solution I wasn't able to solve my issue. Turning symmetry on or off doesn't stop the glitches. Has anyone else run into this problem before or is there simply no way to paint with mirrored UV's in 3D coat?
  8. It's the same even on default material (for example metal_rusty), so it's not my material's fault. I've attached the mesh that I've used here. TestMesh.rar
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