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Found 76 results

  1. Please move to bug forum as I'm unable to create posts there for some reason. I used the Sculpt Room Primitive tool, I selected a cube from the models tab where alphas and such are for brushes. I enabled Click to Place, Scale to Brush Radius, Use Stroke Direction. I place the primitive on to an existing surface(eg another cube), it looks correct, I can keep placing it. If I change my mind and choose a different model(or just click the same cube model again), the latice deforms. To correct this one must click reset axis(or reset primitive), then select the model to load again, the latice will be corrected, which avoids distorted mesh, although orientation was lost(I'm not sure why orientation was changing slightly in the first place). You may notice that the reloaded mesh/model had grown in size, this is a 2nd bug, just keep clicking the model icon to reload it, it will grow in size progressively to a certain point(not sure why there is a limit). This 2nd bug occurs when scale has been altered(only seems to affect smaller scale not larger than original scale). So altering scale via transform/lattice toggle or Scale to Brush Radius cause this error. 1st bug is related to Use Stroke Direction. Using Transform/Lattice Toggle and scaling/rotating the model, repositioning it with Click to Place and reloading the model doesn't appear to distort the lattice, but slight rotation offset can be noted of the lattice from the model, this fixes itself(applies incorrect lattice transformation to model) when transforming or repositoining the lattice/model(Click to Place or Transform/Lattice toggle gizmo). I noticed no difference with Use Stroke Direction(just testing now). It was when the scale was made smaller like Scale to Brush Radius setting when enabled that the lattice distortion was more evident from a rotation. No rotation, just click to place with Scale to Brush Radius and small brush radius, then reload the model, the lattice has enlarged but model stays original size, use Click to Place without scaling to the brush or use gizmo to move/transform the shape and it will then apply the lattice to itself, if you load another model in again instead of a transform, it will also apply the lattice(increase scale), then grow the lattice again with the model being replaced with larger size model. I have tried with Use Stroke Direction on different sides of the cube I was attaching the primitive model to, the lattice behaves differently(no orientation via Use Stroke Direction, and just Click to Place and Scale to Brush Radius results in lattice growing equally all lengths), on the top face I was noticing only scaling in the y axis, it also adjusted the orientation on that axis.
  2. I try to change normal sampling value to minimal = 5 - but it not change behavior of the brush. It begin change it angle to surface similar to normal sampling = 100 as soon as the edge of brush cursor touch the vertical surface - the brush begin change its tilt. But when normal sampling is = 5 - tilt of the brush must change when center of brush cursor will approach to vertical surface - but not edge of cursor. Only in Flatten tool - normal sampling work good I already reset Options-files in Documents/3D-Coat - it dont help( How to fix this problem?
  3. Hey everyone, I have a problem which I've already googled but it's still not clear to me how I can fix it. I have an X marked on my color palette and it's only painting white for me now. A response as to how to fix this problem said: " It is the disabled secondary color icon, shown with a cross on it. You need to enable both primary and sec. color to paint. But it is strange indeed for a feature, it is rather a bug." But how do I do this exactly? I'm stuck. Thank you for your help.
  4. IvanMax33

    Fill with erace Bug report

    Fill with erace do not work with layer/surface / object mode in fill menu, it just fills with color! v4.2.7
  5. Hi! Hey everyone... Could someone please confirm a possible error? My version of 3D-Coat is 4.8.18 and I tested it with the GL and DX. I'm trying to use the Curve Stroke in the Sculpt Room in conjunction with any brush (freeze, Clay or others brushes) and it's not working. The percentage of the calculation appears when the tool is applied and as a result nothing happens. Now, when I went to the Paint Room, I chose the Stroke Curve and it worked correctly. I did the same test on the previous version of 3D-Coat 4.7 and the Stroke Curve worked perfectly on the Sculpt Room and Paint Room. Does Curve Stroke in the latest version of 3D-Coat not working in Sculpt Room? Thank you for your attention.
  6. Hey everyone, I think I've figured out a possible bug when I'm in Surface Mode in the Sculpt room. When I use the Clone Tool and Cut And Clone Tool on surface mode, simply any mesh that was not selected is deleted or mysteriously disappears. Both tools work perfectly in Voxels Mode, but unfortunately in Surface Mode something very strange is happening and the tools do not work as they should. In the video below I demonstrate this possible bug in the Clone Tool and Cut and Clone Tool in Surface Mode.
  7. Hey everyone, I still have problems with a possible bug in 3D-Coat 4.8.16. It's happening in the Tweeak Room and the Sculpt Room. All of my drives are up to date (video card and wacom tablet). The problem is that the mouse or tablet is shaking as if I were using the Jitter Position brush options. (even with the mouse stopped) And in the Sculpt Room, besides being shaking, the brush seems to be spinning and spinning at the same time. I made a quick video to show what is happening to me .... Is someone having the same problem? thank you very much!
  8. Проблема с target камеры при использовании манипулятора 3D connexion. Она частично исправлена, но она ещё осталась в режиме перспективы. Когда прокручиваю манипулятором объект в сцене - то центр вращения постоянно куда-то смещается. Это очень сильно замедляет работу - потому что участок модели с которым работаешь - всё время куда-то уплывает Я пробовал нажимать "F", "Shift+Z" - экранная камера фокусируется на точке поверхности под курсором, но если отъехать назад от объекта (вперёд или в сторону) - камера уже не вращается относительно этой точки. Камера при нажатии F как буд-то привязывается к экранному пространству - и пока камера не смещается, то вращение происходит вокруг выбранной точки, но как только я смещаю камеру манипулятором - то target камеры остаётся на месте относительно экрана - и вращение происходит уже вокруг пустого места. То есть выходит что target камеры не остаётся привязанным к точке на поверхности объекта - объект уже сместился относительно экрана в сторону, а target так и остался на экране на том же месте. Это присходит только если перемещать камеру в стороны манипулятором, если же мышкой - то всё работает хорошо - так же как и в ортогональном режиме. https://3dcoat.com/mantis/view.php?id=2356
  9. Darkzero779Projects

    Odd bug after a windows update?

    I had updated on my surface pro 2,lately I can only pan an orbit around whenever I try to do anything, Even when I have my pen on the sculpt it just navigates when i try to stroke on it at all. Will try to go back on my windows before update to get back to it,but if anyone had similar issues let me know and if you found ways.
  10. Hello, I have multiple issues possibly stemming from my custom texture size but who knows. my entire game project is at a texel density of 0.72, putting a 1x1m texture at 144pixels squared. This is a huge problem for the reasons outlined in 3dCoat. 1. Custom texture sizes dont stay. If i set a custom texture size, although it sets, if i then go back into the texture size dialogue, it automatically switches them all to the closest power of 2, so if i then make a change to one texture and save, all the others will revert back to the closest power of two. 2. changing to custom texture size refreshes dialogue to top of screen. I am working with multiple objects, changing the custom texture size will reset the dialog and revert to the top of the dialogue, forcing me to scroll down to find the texture again. btw because of u,v i haveb to do this twice a texture. definately needs to be fixed. 3. at 1:1 resolution in UV mapping paint on a smart material, the top pixel is always skipped. doesnt matter what i do, the top pixel is always broken, it will never paint over it. However, if i change the scale in uv mapping to anything other than 1, it will paint?! 4. In the texture editor, non power of 2 textures do not work in smart materials in UV mapping mode. Please help / Fix these issues. Ben Swinbanks
  11. Hello guys, I love using 3D coat to retopo, UV and texture. I just have an issue on 80% of the models I work on with "symmetry". It will be working great, then out of nowhere later into the project it seems like all the polys snap to the symmetry axis plane... What causes this to happen, how can I prevent/stop it from happening and how can I fix the retopo after this happens. Once I turn off symmetry, the original half goes back to normal, but I can't use symmetry on it again unless I export, import. Did I just answer my question or is there another way? Thanks!
  12. gabsu

    Pen pressure stops working bug?

    Hey. So I've been having an issue with the pen pressure stop working when i switch between programs. The settings are all correct. Itll just turn off(without turning the pen pressure icon to the off state), and it will randomly start working again after a few mintues. It's frustrating to have pen pressure one second and then not. Then being forced to wait and crossing your fingers it will decide to work again. Toggling pen pressure has no effect on whether or not the pen pressure will return. I do not believe this is an issue with my cintiq, since photoshop and zbrush work fine. I'm on a mac, and use a cintiq 13HD Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?
  13. Been trying to hide mesh, but get this instead and when trying pose hands, those small polys get selected and moving together.
  14. Hey, Today I stumbeled over a strange bug: I had parts of my mesh hidden with voxel hide and was retopologizing parts of it. Accidentally I switched to surface mode and didn't notice. When I noticed it, switched back and unhided my hidden parts they had a huge offset and were scaled a bit. When switching back I didn't change any settings, voxel count stayed the same as before etc. Later I found out that I can prevent this when I unhide before I switch back to voxel mode but I suppose it might still be interesting for you here.
  15. I did my normal workflow in the Paint room. Then when done, I close and open again 3DCoat (or just load any saved state of the same project), and ALL UV edges appear like this, making the texture look pretty terrible since all UV seams become very visible. I also tried doing it with different meshes and in completely new projects and it happened in all of them too. Every time I could just paint over all the UV edges and export it (if the program doesn't crash). But that is in no way acceptable time-wise :/ I'm having issues in all versions I could try (4.8.03 and beta's 4.8.07 and 4.8.08).
  16. I cannot post to bugs forum yet, please move to there. When pressing shift or shift+ctrl to switch to one of the alternate brushes like smoothing, reduce or anti-bump, presumably it is not meant to take on the behaviour/effect of the active main/primary brush in use?(brush sizes/alpha etc yes, but not the properties that make a brush unique from others, like pinch or flatten) Copy Clay when using either alternate brush will apply it's effect(sample or stamp mesh data to volume) then apply the alternate brush effect, such as smooth or add detail. Most tools don't seem to behave this way, so presumably it's a bug. I noticed with Freeze brush, hold shift to toggle brush like reduce which clearly is not smoothing, it will smooth out any mask selection, actual intention of the alternate brush doesn't happen(neat that you can smooth freeze like this but caused some confusion of how these alternate brushes with shift/shift+ctrl weren't working), similar behaviour with Surface Hide, however it doesn't toggle hide/unhide with alternate brush modes, which is what I'd expect, hence I think Copy Clay is behaving incorrectly.
  17. I do not have permission to post in other forum like bugs/feature requests. Please move to appropriate forum. I used in Sculpt Room, the top menu Geometry -> Smooth All. I later find out that to just smooth tangents I need to set smooth degree to 0. While experimenting with this feature, I noticed that there is no cancel, press escape closes the window, but applies the effect, you have to undo the operation, no way to prevent it being applied once the pop up appears.
  18. I have trouble importing larger mesh data, such as over 500MB in PLY or FBX(both binary). I have tried several settings like include vertex colour and no luck. This is version 4.8.04 on DX and GL modes for Windows 10. I also tried another approach, add as a new model "brush" with the primitives, this didn't take long for 3DC to render a thumbnail of what it looks like. Yet when trying to import it(30M triangles, around 600MB) it would make the sound of error like previous import out of memory crashes, but continue doing it's thing and memory usage would rise while this sound keeps happening. It got much further, around 12GB of RAM I think before it gave up. Worth noting, I have GTX 1080Ti, so 11GB VRAM, perhaps although 3DC use system RAM(128GB total), it also sometimes makes a copy on GPU VRAM? I have looked at system settings for page file, it's automatic and enabled, is about 17GB. Plenty of disk space on SSD drive. Import Multiple Objects experience I tried another approach, split big data into smaller chunks and try import that way. 3DC have no problem import smaller than 500MB files of this kind of data, so I use the "File -> Import Multiple Objects" option and let it try import the original data(33GB, 400 or so PLY files of various size under 200MB each). Over the hours I monitor it while work on another workstation, it fill up all 128GB RAM no crashing, then start caching to disk to free up RAM presumably to continue the operation. At one point I get to see how much it has imported visually, it looks a bit broken but I think maybe it just not imported pieces yet. Eventually CPU drop to 0% and stay, about 90GB of RAM in use, I imported each piece to it's own layer, trying anything or just selecting a layer would cause long pause/unresponsive, I view task manager, 3DC process doesn't have much activity but one called "System" is active and transferring to disk and GPU using bit of CPU(16 core 32 thread AMD ThreadRipper 1950X), so clearly it move copy to GPU for working with? I notice the GPU VRAM is maxed out, tried to use Geometry proxy, but when enable after waiting a while bluescreen and crash. I try load just 10 pieces, quite quick, but I notice the mesh look very broken. I view in MeshLab, and see that a part is looking wrong, shouldn't look so bad, so I try regular "File -> Import Object" instead, and mesh look correct and have vertex colour. So this seem like bug, not sure what difference between import method is but would be nice to import multiple objects/files correctly like regular import does. You can see in attached images, the difference between the two options, one import the hi-res data(photogrammetry model, texture via vertex colour). No idea why multiple import option break so bad.
  19. My full time job is spent mostly in 3d coat hand painting stuff. The only problem I have is produced this way: Paint anything on a layer. Lower the opacity to anything, say 60% for example. Export to photoshop (Default CTRL+P, or "Edit All Layers in Ext. Editor"). In photoshop, that layer's Fill is 60% while the Opacity is 100%. CTRL+S, go back to 3d coat. That layer's opacity is 100% again. Can this be fixed?
  20. I've noticed that a mesh I was repairing(exported from zbrush), was getting destructive damage to it a fair distance away from where I was using the reconstruct tool targeted area(mask/freeze). Usually this was being used to repair some holes or poorly triangulated areas. Is this to be expected? Is there something I can do to minimize the damage the tool can do unexpectedly? There seems to be a few tools that behave like this, especially Cut Off surprised me, it's not clear from a glance which tools can affect the surface elsewhere from where I am using the brush/rectangle. I'd very much like something like Cut Off and Reconstruct where I can define some bounding/radius limit.
  21. kwhali

    Surface Hide / Freeze visual bugs

    I've been using 3DC on both a Windows 10 machine and Linux(both with nvidia graphics) and noticing some problems with tools like Surface Hide and Freeze when in Sculpt Room with Surfaces(haven't tried voxels). Hiding triangles, then garbage triangles sometimes appear, even though they're not really there. This is happening quite a bit with a cube model(primitive) in the linux build(4.8.04, GL64), issues are far more prominent in linux build so far(just testing it now). Freeze often leaves areas still marked black even though the selection is invalid. This can usually be corrected by getting the surface hide tool and going over it(just holding ctrl to keep it from actually being hidden works). Had quite a few problems earlier today on Windows with Freeze acting up, I think I had to reload 3DC to get proper accuracy on what was freezed and what wasn't. Side question, Surface Hide, the brush had "Ignore backfaces" enabled, I hid a ring of faces around the cube, then "Geometry > delete hidden" the mouse would hide surface if I selected from inside the cube(even though backface culling was enabled and showing the BG). Is this expected? Sounds like the feature being ticked would avoid that from happening from the internal faces that don't render a surface(unless unchecking View->backface culling).
  22. I had at some point found out Close Hole has options(beyond "Through All Volumes") but it took me a while to figure out how I got that "Tool Options" panel. I found out that enabling the "On Plane" checkbox(next to "Through All Volumes") on the "Cut Off" tool brings this panel up for "Close Hole" but it doesn't have this option flag itself...is this a bug? It's been useful to change settings as it seems to allow me to not damage other parts of my mesh(environment) accidentally(it would affect triangles considerably further away from the area I selected/brushed...although triangles would often delete themselves(or perhaps visibility was just toggled) on triangles nearby still, even though they're out of the target area.
  23. JackKnife

    Weird Specks on Retopo Bake?

    Hi all! New to 3DCoat, so I might be doing something wrong, but there's these weird speckles on my retopo'd model. Any ideas as to what went wrong?
  24. I cannot export any textures. Every time I try the program crashes to desktop. I've tried several versions and breaking up my model into single UV sets, but nothing helps. Help please!
  25. Ricky Ho

    Vox Extrude crashes 3dcoat 4.7.08

    Hey guys, It's been a while since I touched 3dcoat and vox extrude used to be an important tool in my workflow but it seems to crash the program whenever I hit apply. Any suggestions on how I can fix it?