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Found 8 results

  1. I recently can across a issue where I heavy need to import a obj file with textures already applied. For context I have a model that had multiple texture sheets and UV'd pieces that have existing textures I need to edit. Problem is that when importing any type of geometry file the program does not apply textures automatically. Ordinarily this wouldn't be a issue as having only one or two texture sheets wouldn't take much time to import the textures manually. Thing is that this project has upwards of 12 separate UV'd pieces, each with around 4 textures. Meaning that I would need to manually apply 48 textures for this one model. If there are any tricks or ways around this problem please reply back, as I will even try external plugins a try for fixing this issue. This is urgent as the window on this project is closing quickly. Thank you for reading and hope to hear back soon.
  2. Hello! I have such a problem - when I import I lose coordinates. Here's how it happens http://take.ms/ZiVmY Am I doing something wrong?
  3. I am attempting to bring into 3d coat a high poly model, to which i will want to retopo, followed by painting onto the high poly to then bake down to the low poly. How do I bring in the High poly model into 3d coat to allow me to do these steps? The high poly model is not unwrapped or has its uv's laid out, but I am told that this is not required when it comes to painting onto the high poly to then bake down to the lower.
  4. Hi 3DC'ers i've purchased a 325 brush hard-surface alpha brush set. I'm curious how i can batch import these as doing them 1 by 1 would be very time consuming. Thanks.
  5. Hi Everyone, Newbie question: I had been retopoing my high poly model and realised I needed to import a newer version of my model (All the same scale etc) is there anyway to import my new model into the retopo room whilst saving retopo layers? All the best Martian Girl
  6. So i try to import this psd (that was just exported from 3d coat and not even touched by photoshop) and it simply doesnt have all my layers. Also i don't know how but it really fucked up my clean folder structure i had :'(
  7. There are a few things I am trying to understand with 3DC, and I am hoping for some quick answers that can get me going without too much searching. The trouble I have been having is with absolute numbers (mm) at preferred resolutions. I want to import an obj or stl file at .05mm (voxel) resolution and I want to know its physical size (in metric) before I commit (voxelise) the mesh. I have spend considerable time looking for a panel that gives the physical size of meshes, either before importing or after, but have not been thus far successful. True object size is very important to me since my interest is related to 3d printing. I want to import, move, scale, calculate stl reductions, and export my models in real world units. Percentages are usually not of great use to me. Do I have this option in 3DC?
  8. Heeeeyyy So I just got retopo, and I know this is probably a really nooby mistake so that's why this is in the new user section. I got 3d coat for the auto retopologizing tool, but when I go to import a mesh for AUTOPO, none of my exported models come up, even though they are either .obj, .dae, and .fbx Help is appreciated.
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