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Found 5 results

  1. Hi I guess this could be more of a feature request, but is it possible to make a quick ring? Similar to how you can do it with ZBrush's ZModelerGuide brush...? With that, you can make a stroke, and then holding Shift, it will make a ring around an object. That would be quite useful for my dinosaur's tail. As it currently is, is there any way of continuing a loop with Smart Retopo? Whenever I release the mouse button, there's only half a loop made, and I can't seem to continue it. It just makes a new curve, and the faces made in the middle end up stretching across to the new curve. Can you add new points in the curve too? I can only move the end point it seems. Thanks
  2. I’ve been asking everyone about this mystery and nobody has been able to explain how this works. I asked multiple people to try the same operation and all they got were 31 points on the bottom of the mesh placed in the same exact way no matter where on the mesh they clicked. As far as I know, the tutorial guy was the only one to have successfully done the operation and not even he has any idea what is going on. We checked everything that could go wrong and NOTHING worked! Please help. FullSizeRender.mov
  3. Hello! I just bought it today, hoping that it works because in trial version it doesn't work. Basically what I was trying to say I'm trying to have multiples quads when dragging which is quicker than clicking at each quad. But it doesn't work for no reason. I created points for each quads and then drag the first quad across the screen by holding right click. But it's didn't work, it just gave me only one quad than giving me multiple quads. Does anyone have same problem? Any suggestions? Thank you guys
  4. Hello everybody. Several hours i set points for the grid. After I saved the project as .3b and load it again - i found nothing. It was 2300+ points, now 0. Even in retopology tab. It is possible to get them back? p.s. Very sorry, I use translator.
  5. Does anyone here actually use this feature and, if so, what benefit has it given you? I can't find a real use for it.
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