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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Im newbie on 3dcoat and trying to learn 3dcoat. is there someone that really know how to export correct settings of textures for vray for maya ? fbx exported within 3dcoat wont importing in maya2016 correctly. also I tried to generate my own shading-network in maya. but result is very bad. do you have a practical video shows how to export correctly for vray4maya and how to setup a shader and link texture nodes in maya ? it is really confusing what does it mean "texture export/import workflow" (gloss metallness, gloss specular color.. etc.) do you see a good video tutorial that teaches it ? thank you
  2. При експорте материала из коата в макс/вирей материал становится совсем не таким, каким он был в 3д коате, как я понял - это из-за того что вирей не поддерживает PBR, но ведь как-то наверняка можно в вирее использовать текстуры и материалы коата... Подскажите как сделать так чтоб в вирее материалы отображались верно и как вообще рендерить модели и материалы с коата, не на коате... например как их рендерить на вирее, или может вообще воспользоваться возможностями рендера на движке вроде анреал енджина?
  3. I've very recently started playing around with 3D coat. Now I've finished texturing my first model I've hit an issue. The image on the left is how i see it in 3D Coat and the right is after i have rendered it in 3DSmax. It seems to have lost a significant amount of detail and a lot of the spec I'm using the default scan line renderer in this image in max but have also tried VRay and had the exact same result. Can anyone give me any pointers as to what i am likely doing wrong? I've basically spent the entire day trying to figure this out and feeling a bit fried. (we've all been there) Any help gratefully received. http://sta.sh/0c2rmylhn6j
  4. 3dsmax & Vray Workflow with 3ds max: QUESTIONS & Answers HD Video with QUESTIONS to 3D Coat, Linear Workflow and re-producing Vray Shaders inside 3dsmax. My website on which I am going to post all my progress and document step by step a workaround and solution: http://www.bernhardrieder.com/3d-coat/ Questions I hope I am going to get answered : What Gamma values do have the exported texture maps from 3d coat ? What texture map should be used in which slot of a Vray Shader ? Thanks a lot for any little help, hints, tips and tricks ! Happy Pixeling
  5. Hey.. wow so i downloaded the new 4.5 demo. I haven't use 3d coat so this is my first attempt. I built the bike in max but did all the painting in 3dc. I've been painting textures professionally for yrs... I started as a full time tex artist on Shrek2 and have used just about every software in the industry. Once I started getting the paint on the engines I was sold!! This is for a VR game Im pitching called Spike runner. Basic Star Wars universe game. You're on the edge of a forgotten planet just trying to scrape out a living as a bounty hunter when you fall into a conspiracy/mystery much bigger that you could imagine. Anyway.. Im trying to export this out to 3dsmax and vray and was wondering if anyone knows how to set that up.. that way I can put it back together.
  6. Hello, HELP ME PLEASE. when i exporting model and materials from 3d coat to 3ds Max (vray), the materials looks not like it was in 3d coat. I realized - this is due to the fact that vray not support PBR, but that somehow it should be possible to use 3d coat textures and materials in VRay renderer. Tell me please how to render my model with 3d-coat textures NOT in 3d coat renderer (cause i need a glass), for example - vray, or maybe better to use unreal engine?
  7. This may be a pretty basic question but I figured I'd ask here. I work primarily with Rhino 3d and render with Vray for rhino. Because rhino 3d relies on surface modeling, you can group and and set surfaces to be on different layers, and you can apply various materials to a design via the layer names. When I import a 3d coat model to Rhino, it comes in as one single mesh and so I can only apply 1 render material to the model. How to I isolate areas of a mesh so that I can use multiple layer names for rendering in rhino vray? In the screen shot you can see one solid mesh and I want to make the inner parts I circled a different layer so I can render with two different materials, any suggestions? Thanks
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