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Libraries: Pop-up Windows vs Tabbed Windows


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To be scrolling up and down is time consuming

Will be:

- To change the navigation Tabbed way using ONE UNIFIED TAB which ONLY SHOW THE USED ELEMENT
- And when LMB press some elements of the UI, a pop-up window appears which contains the corresponding library related to the category icon


ACTUAL: the tabbed windows show ALL the library elements


SUGGESTED: Clicking category icon trigger a pop-up window with all group elements.



Mantis request:

ty  :)

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Sorry photonvfx, language is a barrier for me.

The user only can interact with a bar showing ONE element, the active element. (see image below)

When the user press over the icon for any element... a windows popups showing ALL the elements in the library, ready to be selected.

Users only see the active element.
ONE by category
When the active element icon is pressed, a popup windows show the full library and let to select a new one


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that's cool. Your english seems fine :) I'm trying to figure out what you meant - without an interactive video diagram it would be hard to understand this sort of interaction in just a few sentences.

So you want the list popups to still be available in the application, but most people won't show them, and then just have a new dockable popup with the current selectable tools and then the normal spacebar keystroke which brings up the tools and color palette picker will bring up this new list popup when you press the spacebar with the cursor over the new "current tool" popup? Is that what you mean?

That could work, I'd have to play with it like that to be sure.... those popups do need something to clean them up though. I personally, want additional tooltips with extra info on each item to appear when you hover over a brush or material etc - in the thumbnails, you can't tell much difference between 2 similar items - additional text we could save per brush, tags or a description could give those brushes more info. This idea you have here is good, but only part of the solution for the content popups... Some more thought needs to go into any new interface for them.

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This feature was implemented and then changed 

3DC v2.05 had TOOLS POP-UPS



can i ask when was this navigation option changed and why ?


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