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3D Coat 4.0.04B(GL) 32bit

trying to follow the steps/methodology outlined in this thread: http://3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=14408 ... i was actually having more luck in the previous beta version...

TL;DR: Why does selecting a Surface Sculpt tool make my mesh disappear totally? Also, why does converting it from voxel to surface make huge chunks of the model disappear? How can Bloodsong import an OBJ and sculpt on it?

1: new scene

retopo room

import reference mesh, select obj file.

Problem: the obj comes in with a texture, but the texture is upside down. how can i flip the texture, or just not display it?

2: retopo menu: use current low poly mesh.

gets rid of the texture view, anyhow!

3: voxel room

merge tool

pick from retopo; the object appears

Problem: hitting 'Enter' to commit at this point causes huge chunks of the mesh to go missing.

4: avoid hitting 'enter,' just click the V in the layers to change to S mode. this seems to work fine.

the voxel sculpt tools at the top of the toolbar turn into surface sculpt tools.

select the first tool.

Problem: this causes the entire object to vanish.

4a: to avoid object disappearance, just close the merge tool, and hit enter to 'commit' the object. a darker grey duplicate object is created, but the bright white starter object is still there. there doesn't seem to be a way to get rid of it.

what am i doing wrong? what am i failing to understand, here?

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okay, THIS worked:





3d coat is still ripping my model apart.  guy's head looks like a grenade exploded in his mouth.




i'm going to guess this has to do with that 'make sure your something or other is a closed volume.'  because this is not.  it is the head off a poser figure, JUST the head, so there's no closed body on it.  so, bottom line:  is it currently impossible to sculpt on a poser figure object (head)?


in my 'kafkaesque' rambling above, i see that if i skip merging to the voxel layer and jump straight to the surface layer, my guy does not eat a grenade.  but choosing a surface tool makes him disappear.  why does this happen?  how do i make it not happen?  how can i send my imported obj straight to surface mode without it vanishing when i select a tool?




i'm making progress.  really!  thanks again!

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File-->import-->Import mesh for voxelizing


weld vertices = on

autosmoothing groups = off

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