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UV Seams Showing Up In UDK


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Hello, all. I created this bread yesterday and put it into the UDK. It looks fine in most applications, and even in UDK's Static Mesh preview, it looks fine (see image 1). However, when I put it in a scene, I can see where the UV seams are on the model (see image 2). I exported with Smoothing Groups on from 3ds Max to try to fix this, but no use. Anyone have any ideas on why this is happening and/or how to fix it?



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Another thing to look at is your normal export settings under the Preferences menu. It is just a suggestion as you had not stated you tried that already...

That is great looking low polygon bread, nice job...


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Nope, the trick to fixing this was:

...a setting I never bothered to mess with before, as I didn't realize what it did. If you select your material in the browser, double click, properties, and uncheck the "Allow Lightmap Specular" option, this fixes the odd angular problems I saw in the mesh. However, I lost the specularity, altogether, until I used a dynamic light. This uses more instructions for the dynamic lighting, but I believe saves on the lightmap specular instructions. I can't say anything of the "behind the scenes" benefits, but it definitely looks better.

Now it looks like this:


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