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  1. Hang-on there! What is happening is heartbreaking. I never thought this could go that far. I am very sad for people of Ukraine, very sad to see the World going back to cold war because of a mad man. To be frank, I can't send money that would be used to buy weapons. But I would send money to buy other supplies like I did after the nuclear catastrophe in Fukushima. I hope Pilgway staff is OK and safe. Thinking of you.
  2. And of course, I try to create models when possible. Here is a bad quality pic of 3dPrint figures done for a personal project. It is done within 3dCoat and printed by Shapeways company. I've been making the retopo by hand (crazy, huh !?) and started to study other retopo techniques yesterday -> Instant Meshes and Meshlab. By hand takes too long Long live to 3dCoat !
  3. I also wrote a kind of whodunit story. Published in french, and kind of a failure (only a bunch of books sold), but very funny experience.
  4. Long time not seen ! I haven't post anything for two years ! I feel bad for all the old friends on the forum, but I think the situation here won't change. I couldn't even manage to upgrade on time... I'm not active on forum anymore and didn't help at all on the new tools. There's no chance I suddenly go back to active participation like in the past But at least I wish to show few things I've been working on lately. I'm steel working on a table talk RPG game taking place in Japan. Here is a visual of what it look like.
  5. I found a tutorial by jama jurabaev about making panorama within 3dCoat. That's quite fun (unfortunately panorama don't show in 3dC website brother).
  6. Nice! The profile helmet shape is really cool! Brings me back to childhood when I use to collect figures Beautiful piece!
  7. Nice video! Plus I love Berserk comic! I'd like to see more!
  8. Superb! Is that on of the elite guards in Star Wars?
  9. Third and last illustration of the android girl "Wind Bell". Bounty hunters on her track, all the time. Not a big deal; they're no match for her.
  10. Wind Bell (this is her name) in front of a shuttle entry. May be it's time to leave earth and find a wider playground?
  11. Here is a 3dCoat based paint over done for a friend's novel. The character is sculpted in 3dCoat and retouched in Photoshop to give an illustration feel.
  12. Garagarape


    Finished stuffs
  13. Third shot done. Well I guess it's enough for this pose. Let's retopo the character for a 3D print!
  14. Started the third one (and may be last?).
  15. Second one done. Paint over is fun! Even if the PC crashes (well, not that much...)
  16. Started to work on the second shot. Still a lot to do.
  17. OK, first shot done. Let's do the second one. May be based on "A" or "F".
  18. Too early to call this one done. Bed time!
  19. Trial number 1... Work in progress.
  20. Selected a few scenes for the final image. There still a paint-over work to be done in order to get rid of the plastic feel on the character and to make it match the background. Which one do you prefer?
  21. Thanks Javis! I'll try to fix the legs volume soon. The curves she had on the T stance have almost disappeared after the use of pose tool. Watched tutorials about latice transformer but that was not enough. I also wonder if the 3D print will be well balanced to stand on a table without falling Cheers!
  22. Character posed. But that's done in a very dirty way. Lot of volumes lost in the process... Too hasty I guess.
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