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The Candy-floss Kid

Vertex Painting - Gradients Fills using Lines Mode

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A great feature when using vertex painting is being able set up quick tonal gradients on your sculpts thanks to the " lines mode" option of the fill tool.
In combination with 3DCoat's Photoshop style blend layers - tonal values can be separated quickly and easily from color information. 3DCoat's paint layers allow you to easily separate tonal/ value painting from color painting. For example: paint tonal gradient values on one layer to help direct your eye within your design and as an adjunct to lighting interactions with your forms. Further tonal texture values can then be added on another layer and finally, a layer set to color blend can be used for your color work and saturation values relative to tonal range.
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Thanks both,

I've been using 3DCoat for a good while yet the idea only came to me the other day.

The fact that 3DCoat allowed me to set up tonal gradients as an under-paint so easily inspired me to share the thrill :-)

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