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[SCRIPT] ajz_VoxTreeMergeDown


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DESCRIPTION: The script is similar to Photoshop's Merge Down command. It will merge currently selected VoxTree layer with the first visible one. It will not merge layers if one of them is cached. Also, be sure to read the warning section below.
INSTALLATION: UnTAR everything to %USERPROFILE%\Documents\3D-CoatV4\Scripts\ExtraMenuItems and restart 3D Coat.
USAGE: You will find the script here: Voxels->Merge Down. Select a layer and run the script (I like to keep it under CTRL+E). You can customise it to hide, delete or leave alone the source layer after operation is completed (see the USER CUSTOMISABLE OPTIONS section within the ajz_VoxTreeMergeDown.txt file for more details on how to do it).
Also remember that if a parent layer is hidden, then all of its children are treated as hidden too.
WARNING: DO NOT attempt to merge down a parent with any of its children if ACTION is set to 2 ("remove the source layer after merge down operation") because this will remove not only the parent itself, but all of its children as well. Currently it's not possible to determine via scripting whether a layer is a parent and has children or not. And this is required to solve the problem.
There's also a bug, but it's on 3D Coat's side (currently it's 4.1.08B) because I can reproduce it with Merge To command. If you cache the target layer, uncache it, select the source layer and merge it to target layer, then the merge operation won't happen. You'll need to do the operation twice or do something to VoxTree, like add a new layer or reorder the tree. Just keep this in mind or you might end up loosing the source volume if ACTION is set to 2.


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Hi Beat.
The script physically merges the geometry of two voxel/surface layers if they overlap. If they don't, they are still separable with the Separate disconnected pieces. It's not possible to move multiple overlapping layers into one layer and not have their geometry merged without a manual workaround (which cannot be automated - at least not yet). Even with the MoveTo command, which basically is the MergeTo command that the script uses, except that it automatically deletes the source layer.

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