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RGB and sRGB 3DC is linear color value?

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In PPP the RGB is linear color value? which is gamma 1.0 and I have Blender set at sRGB which is gamma 2.2 so this is why I get different color #s when typing in the same #s? ( I am just now learning all of this just would like to learn how 3dc is setup.)  Michaelgdrs  showed me a post to allegorithmic  sp  and how it is setup with how it displays in the viewport and what map data is saved as sRGB and RGB very informative to read/post.  . so here I am asking if I understand it right.  Over in blender I use R 0.018  G 0.800 B 0.022  and in 3dc I get R 36.00  G 231  B 41.00  it looks lighter so should I just go up to Texture>Adjust>gamma correction and set it to 2.2 ?  I though I could just type in the same #s or a HEX : #  24E729  and off to school on this subject I have gone wow there is a lot to it so much info that I reread it 3 times and fill up my note book. thanks for your time on this.

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