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STL repair?


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I'm wondering whether 3DCoat Printing has STL file repair functionality similar to Netfabb or Magics?

The dongle for my license of Netfabb is failing and I've started researching my options. It looks a tad grim - both Netfabb or Magics are available now as regular products (subscription only) and there are almost no alternatives.

The only one I found is LimitState:FIX. But it seems extremely limited compared to Netfabb for example (lack of booleans , arranging on build platform etc).

Would love to see 3DC-P as an alternative, as I'm already using full 3DC for file fixing in very tricky situations. It would have to mimick a tad workflow found in Netfabb / Magics though (STL repair room?) which does what is says - concentrates on fixing and arranging the models in a very agnostic way (at first look it seems 3DC-P is closer to Cura etc and aims FDM printing - and for example in my workshop we don't use FDM at all as the quality is not good enough).

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