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Hi there,

Nukeygara CEO here going down into the pit to set some things straight.

  1. It was never anyone's intention at Nukeygara to scheme and trick users into paying more than what we had to offer at the time. In the realm of 3D software, akeytsu is one of the most dynamic program with 3 major updates delivered each year. With 2020.3 around the corner we should be, by end November, in a position to claim that we've achieved 80-90% of our roadmap two years in a row with much less resources than big players. We just ask to be rewarded fairly for what we consider honest work.
  2. While we often said/wrote we would answer community requests and bring expected features to akeytsu we always refrained from committing to a specific date in time or a version number. We are but a small company trying to get the best 3D animation software we can think of off the ground. There's still a long winding road ahead of us and in many aspects we ask our users to embark on a journey with us as we navigate towards the final destination.
  3. As explained on our official forums we never held off on something that was ready to go live to satisfy some grand and ingenious business plan. If anything we are much closer to just-in-time production to bring new stuff to users as soon as possible which can sometimes be tough on our devs as we always strive to deliver, in a short timeframe, something that is not only functional but has above-the-bar UX.
  4. $80 Early Access Price + $130 Upgrade price (possibly $100 if purchased on discount) = $210 ($180 if purchased on discount) for a perpetual licence is great value for the feature set we have to offer right now. No matter how you look at it. They'll also be plenty of promotional offers during the end of the year to get everything we shipped in 2020 at a bargain price. That includes the loyalty upgrade on Steam.
  5. In the unlikely event of a bug for which we have no workaround for in the user's version we always upgrade him/her to a more recent version whenever this fixes the issue. A bug should not be mistaken for an non-developed feature. Please contact support through our help center if you'd like to bring something to our attention.
  6. Regarding the VAT issue for non-EU users, we apologize for this and quickly solved it as soon as it was reported. In the process of evolving our back-end system some users were mistakenly assigned France as a default country  which caused our checkout process to malfunction.  Please contact support here to be compensated if you were affected. We will obiously make up for anything we charged for the wrong reasons. Always.
  7. We like our GUI paradigm which, in our view, is much more interactive and playful than other programs out there. That being said we can always do better. Lately all hands on deck worked on bringing new functionalities in akeytsu (including som much expected and requested contraints). After that's done we've planned major UI improvement in 2021 to make it even more readable and accessible to someone who is not familiar with it.
  8. Some of the words written on this thread are borderline slander and negatively affected members of the team who work daily to make akeytsu a better piece of software. I hope that, in the future, everyone will be on their best behaviour when writing on this thread.



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Proud to announce that our Akeyboy v2 has been freshly painted on 3DCoat https://www.artstation.com/artwork/18Ra3G

Many thanks to both softwares for their extreme simplicity to use, I love how it lets you be as creative as you need to, make tests...etc with a lot of fun during the process =)



Can't wait to try out the 2021 version of my favourite Texturing software

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Latest character, made with 3DCoat akeytsu and Marmoset ;) https://www.artstation.com/artwork/w64ZaY


Little run cycle made on this guy on Akeytsu =)


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Hello folks !

Here's the last character I've made for Akeytsu (with help of 3DCoat on retopo and texturing as always ;)), it was the occasion to sculpt more freely than I used to on a organic model =)

Full project link https://www.artstation.com/artwork/QrxgdL


Made with :
- ZBrush (Sculpt)
- 3dsMax (Modeling/UVs)
- 3DCoat (Retopo/PBR Textures)
- Akeytsu (Rig/Skin/Anim)
- Marmoset Toolbag (Bake/Lighting/Render)
Special thanks to my old anatomy teacher & mentor, Jean-Baptiste Reynaud for his precious help on anatomy part explanation

I've made this model based on a concept art by Guillaume Normand https://www.artstation.com/artwork/EVn2a0 to serve as a quadruped demo model for Akeytsu, a super cool animation software made in Lyon, FR (yep, we're quite proud of that ;))

In case it wasn't obvious, yep, I LOVE this toolset a lot

This new dude allows you to see that not only biped characters are possible to rig & animate in Akeytsu, but also a wider range of anim-able (things ? ^^"). I'm personnaly using it since 2016 and I've rigged all my lil puppets with it =)

Don't hesitate to try it !

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Nukeygara has launched Akeytsu 2020.3.6 bringing some great new possibilities.

The update is said to improve mirroring: when mirroring in rigging mode, Akeytsu will now make sure that the generated half-skeleton is fully compatible with other third-party tools. The team has changed the symmetry used to mirror orientations for better integration. The team also noted that they improved the behavior of their mirroring function in animation mode.

The update also introduces a new Unlit rendering mode letting users see the silhouette of a character during animation, and more. Learn all about the update here

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Skin variant made with 3D-coat, anim made with akeytsu and render with Marmoset Toolbag 4

Here are a bit more details on this new skin :



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Another one =)

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