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    PBR/Handpaint, Modeling, environment, ConceptArt, Star Wars, Diablo, Blizzard, Rayman, LOTR...OST's and a cup of... Well...a pint of tea ! ^^"

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  1. Vexod14

    What Are You Working On ?

    Textures 100% made with 3DCoat ! ♥ full post here (with marmoset viewer ) : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/gJ8kL8 New Skin for Syblast (exclusive one, not available for purchase) Des Bisous !
  2. Vexod14

    Star Wars - Redemption | Mevenn

    Thanks Carlosan !
  3. Hi folks, what's up ? I've just finished to rework Mevenn, main character for my personnal project, and I made a whole new skin using only 3DCoat for PBR texturing process ! Here's a teaser... ( Okay, it's not only about texturing of course ^^" But damn 3DCoat is sooooo acurate when it comes to paint things ! Love it ♥ ) For those who want's to see more marmoset viewers, follow this dark side path...https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Q9gDZ Des Bisous ♥
  4. Vexod14


    Quick armor stuff, made in PBR/Specular workflow on my spare time =) 1K maps, model was made with ZBrush (sculpt) 3dsmax (retopo+UVs) Marmoset 3 (Baking+rendering) & 3DCoat (texturing). Hope you'll like this new one, it was a really fun piece to do =) Full project here : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/e0dJYY Cheers !
  5. Vexod14

    Arcanist's House

    Something a bit different this time, done in 2 weeks, really cool things to learn here and a pleasure to get back to concept art and heroic-fantasy stuff ( You probably know how much I love Star Wars...but it's the same with Sacred, Diablo, Lord of the Rings, etc ) All stuff shares a single texture set with different materials according to some tricks I wanted to do, for example, for grass fade or FX cards, which was painful to figure out at the beginning and finally a great thing to work fast ^^ (probably the biggest thing I've learned here =)) I used ZBrush for sculpt, 3dsmax for modeling/Uv, 3DCoat for texturing and making all tiles, Marmoset for baking/shading/lighting/rendering, Knald for generating custom curvature/cavity used then in 3DCoat, and Photoshop for concept/textures tweaks. Hope you'll like it =) Project link with 3D viewer : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/8lWw2w
  6. Vexod14

    What Are You Working On ?

    A personnal work done in two weeks, using almost only 3DCoat for texturing (+Knald for curvature generation which still have huge issues on 3DCoat when meshe's UVs overlapps + Photoshop for final texture packing and tiny minor stupid tweaks ^^" ) here's a link to the full project : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/8lWw2w Ow and, just a suggestion guys but could it be possible to add a switcher for curvature map uses inside 3DCoat, something that allow user to load at least 2 different curvature maps and and decides wich one to use when painting with its properties ? Here I used for example the classic curvature map for all classic purposes like wornedges/cavities, etc, but also a heightmap as curvature which allow me to paint water inside pavement's holes (which looks damn coool !). But I had to reload my curvature several times...as I switched from one aspect to another =/ Please add it And of course if you could once and for all fix the overlapp baking issue on UVs it would be awesome for making tileable maps, like REALLY awesome. I'd rather bake all my maps inside a single software instead of having to switch to another, which, in the case of Knald, doesn't take account of tileable areas of the atlas =/
  7. Vexod14

    Syblast - Overwatch themed character

    A quick pose I did this evening =) ( By the way, thanks a lot for featuring on FB guys ! ♥ )
  8. Vexod14

    Some works arround Star Wars

    Hi everyone ! I've done some stuff since last post First of all, the splash screen is now 99,99% made on marmoset, meaning that this... ...Can easily be shot these ways : And of course textures are 100% done with 3DCoat, I also dis some retopology on character parts ( most of the time organic ones such as body and head ) and UV packing ( your algo are a blast, I love them ! ) I also improved Jetpack VFX by using simple displacement over a simple mesh ( same used for the musleflash ^^ ). Once it's UV animated in unreal engine 4 it works damn good =D Reworked Mevenn's face topology + facial rig and her textures aswell, animating her face now is super easy ^^ And now we can pilot the ARC-170 =D Geonosis environment is on its way =) I made some rock formations, then separated them into smaller blocks in order to build anything ( okay guys "almost" anything ^^ ). The material adds sand on the top, it's fairly simple at the moment but I may upgrade it when I'll have to work on snowy environments Concept board I made before doing env stuff : That's all atm =)
  9. Hi everyone ! Syblast is an Overwatch themed character made from scratch, I used this project to improve my skills in stylized anatomy sculpture and I learned a lot on this one. The character was inspired by Joseph Korso from Titan A.E and more generally overwatch charadesigns. I may do other skin variations one day in order to explore how things may work on overwatch, but it's a fanart, and I know nothing I guess ^^" I made this guy using : - ZBrush ; Sculpt & polypaint (IDMap) - 3dsMax ; Hardsurface elements except the Curveboard, then retopo + UVW - 3DCoat ; Texturing (using StarWars-Redemption's smartmaterials) - Akeytsu : Rigging/Skinning/Posing - Marmoset 3 ; normalmap/IDMap baking & lighting/rendering Full project's link : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/veJvO Like always, I rigged/posed him into my beloved Akeytsu, if you didn't already tried you should, even if you don't like animating props or characters, cause it takes rig/skin and animating tasks on a clever way than you could find on any other software. Akeytsu was just built for animation, no more, no less. Btw rigging Syblast took me something like an evening, you got facial features and mechanical moving parts where you could expect it of course And here is the conceptArt I did in order to imagine what this character could be, as I'm not that good in this I only focused on strong shapes that may belong to this character and only him, I found triangle generators were a good thing with some kind of "vents/radiator" on it, these generators are just big cells which helps having energy throughout the armor parts ( like IronMan micro ARK reactors ^^ Yeah, I'm a fanboy of stark's metal suits =D ) And for those who are interested about the sculpt...;)
  10. Vexod14

    What Are You Working On ?

    Just finished an overwatch themed character +D I'm still using only 3DCoat for all texturing process, it's sooo goood ! Full project here : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/veJvO
  11. Vexod14

    Some works arround Star Wars

    Some WIP level's screenshots =) Every texture was made with 100 % 3DCoat !
  12. Vexod14

    clip mask layer by height

    I really like how the Max/Blend height works, but unfortunately if does only "mask" stroke's height, not color/roughness/metalness, which could be super useful ! Plus having this option on layer blending's clip mask could be great =) I personally use it a lot when I use 3DCoat, as I use it mostly for texturing. Especially on tile plane which is excellent for making handpainted/stylized tiling maps.
  13. Vexod14

    Some works arround Star Wars

    Thanks =)
  14. Vexod14

    What Are You Working On ?

    Some test I made using 100% 3D-Coat, well, except for one brick's sculpt (ZBrush) but the wall itself was done on 3DCoat. The Tile Plane is an excellent tool, I love it but I'd love that the issue with curvature/AO bake could be fixed one day, I can manually edit both maps on photoshop but a stable bake could save hours of painful editing and unleash our creativity =)
  15. Vexod14

    Some works arround Star Wars

    Star wars - Redemption | SmartMaterials (Overview) These materials are 100% handpainted and made on 3DCoat from A to Z (not all are rendered here btw). I first draw several tileable "noise" I decided to call "Variators", but by hand so it's fully custom and fits to my art style, then I play with them in order to create these materials. I used them on all stuff I had to texture during the last 2 years on several productions (not only StarWarsRedemption but TheBurningDescent VR too for example). Would you be interested to buy them ?