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    PBR/Handpaint, Modeling, environment, ConceptArt, Star Wars, Diablo, Blizzard, Rayman, LOTR...OST's and a cup of... Well...a pint of tea ! ^^"

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  1. Vexod14

    [Bug] Calculated Curvature on Paint Tiling Planes

    It's not only the curvature but I guess the baker itself, AO is bad too and at the exact same places =/
  2. Vexod14

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    I wait each new 3DCoat's update like I wait for the next episode of GoT or the next marvel, just so excited to see what you'll add to an already perfect tool ♥ Great to hear about the strip-like UV tool, it's getting really similar to what we have on 3dsmax or maya (but with 3DCoat black magic tools ;)). Nice stuff as always !
  3. Vexod14

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Just got an issue about writing the "tempfile.temp" which register if the user ticked the "don't show this warning again" on the first tooltip popup window, so each time I lock a layer I got the popup and have to perform one useless click, which can be tedious if I'm having tons of layers. the locked layer (baked texture) in User's folder is written fine btw (but I don't understand why this can be while the tempfile can't ) By the way, it could be a good addition to allow customizing user paths (for disk space management and even better team workflow adaptation) If I may ask, why are locked layers in "PNG" instead of a lossless TGA or PSD file ? Another issue is about the random number added to each new lock, it leads to identical but duplicated files for the same layer, it could be good to only have a file without this random number so each time we lock a same layer it simply replace the file, and if we unlock a layer, simply delete all its stored textures so it keeps a small size on disk (maybe replacing/delete a file require advanced admin rights, if that's the reason why you've let things this way just forget about this question) Ow and finally, could it be possible to add a clean temp folder option somewhere ? (or add an option to automatically remove files if the texture resolution is the same again) (Gamma correction in Pref menu is also a good addition ;))
  4. Vexod14

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Tons of exquisite features Andrew ! Thanks A LOT =D
  5. Vexod14

    What Are You Working On ?

    *Edit* Refined a little the textures, thanks to the feedbacks from Lucas Annunziata on polycount Radial progressive gradient (center is the head, maximum is the ground), darker eyebrows, more volume on his pec, less rough/metal on darker parts of the radial gradient =)
  6. Vexod14

    What Are You Working On ?

    Last character I did (link with 3D marmoset viewers) : https://artstn.co/p/gJ9wYP BadMax A character done for an art test in 3 days from scratch ( based on a conceptart I didn't do this time ^^) I really enjoyed the sculpt part of the process, going back on anatomy (I hesitated to start from one of my basemeshes, but I would have learned less things). And I think it's a good thing to see how fast I can actually get a character done, it will helps estimate each step's timings better on the next one =) Sculpt made on ZBrush Retopo + UV on 3dsmax Textures on 3DCoat - Diffuse + SpecularColor/Glossiness (stored alpha channel). 2048px reduced to 512px due to model's polycount Texturing was based on normalmap/curvature/AO/ID bakes (done with Marmoset 3), then mixed/painted textures with 3DCoat
  7. Vexod14

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    I don't know how it's done but yeah, I'm talking about the blend between cubemap sides
  8. Vexod14

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Soooooooooo wonderful addition to the already excellent painting toolset, many thank 3DCoat team ! I love you, again ♥ Regarding the Blend, could it be possible (as well as good idea ?) to have some modes like Modulate2X, Add, Multiply, Lighten...etc ? Or add an input texture the user can pick (a grayscale map) to use it as lerp's alpha ?
  9. Vexod14

    Vexod14 SmartMaterials

    Price reduced to from 49$ to 39$ =)
  10. And I think the issue comes from my SSD, I'll try to fix this and if I find a fix I'll post this here, thanks for your time @Carlosan =)
  11. I obviously know that as I use 3DCoat for years I'm used to manipulate stuff in this folder. I just want, as everyone here, to move this folder to another location, which is in my case my SSD, and my SSD doesn't want to apply an unticked "read-only" property on all my folders. What I was asking is : in the "coat_data_path.txt", do I need to refer a folder (which would be in another location, not the default one as I want to retarget it to another location) that has the exact same path starting from "Documents", like this : COAT_FILES_PATH exp: "G:\Documents\3DCoatV48\" ?
  12. I tried as admin aswell of course (probably the first thing I always try). When you say that it should be in "my documents" folder, did you mean that wherever I put it its folder hierarchy should remain the same from "my documents" ? Seems strange if so, as we define a clear path in the .txt file. Again, it's on an additional SSD where one drive is not (by default it's located in the current User's folder) The issue remain with the "auto-read-only" ticking I think. That's why I said your solution should work for others, but unfortunately not for me =/ Nothing horrible don't worry, I still got other ways to free space on my SSD, and should ultimately consider to upgrade it to a larger one (256GB is not enough ^^)
  13. The workaround unfortunately doesn't work due to rights restrictions I can't understand (My folders aren't inside a microsoft mysteriously protected folder but on an additional SSD and they keep staying read-only even if I allow every access and untick "read only" button...). But I guess it works with several users, thanks anyway, I'll wait for a hard coded function in an upcoming install of 3DCoat. Thanks for your time guys !
  14. Is this feature still in dev @Carlosan ?
  15. Vexod14

    What Are You Working On ?

    I did a diorama last year, I forgot this one ^^" full post + viewer here : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/PmX1v1 100% handpainted, mostly done with 3DCoat