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  1. Hi there ! I found a few issues in the 2022.47 (paint room) : 1 - if you use a stencil and distort it, then the distorted stencil is ignored when you paint, 3DCoat seems to use the non-distorted image instead 2 - if you use the fill tool in gradient mode, with the fade gradient option, you can't fill only rough/metalness properties, you need to have also the color activated Both were possible to do before, I don't remember when this changed though (sorry =X) Both are possible to do through another way, in case someone needs to do these actions : 1 - distort a copy of the stencil directly as a texture (open the default tile object>import your texture as a color map>play with smudge tool to achieve desired distortion>export back as a new image and use it as a stencil) 2 - activate both color & rough/metalness modes, fill your layer, then set opacity to 0% (only opacity, not rough/metalness opacity. This will only remove the color)
  2. As shown above, the color wheel resets on every session, is there something I did wrong or is this a bug ? (this was working well on the 4.8.44)
  3. Ow and, we've made a second trailer. The update is now available to everyone as with the first version =) Below are all the bugfixes and improvements compared to the public release of 2021 : Star Wars - Redemption Demo 2.0 - Update list GENERAL - Removal of triggerboxes at the end of the level, you can change level whenever you want (pause menu), it will keep your progress in finding ForceGhosts - Added KillZVolumes in some levels (if you fall, you die) - Added gamepad support - Added support for versions prior to DirectX12 (did not work on older PCs). Note that sometimes an error message may be displayed at launch, it is often the intro video playback that crashes, the game starts anyway (be patient). If the game doesn't start however, no need to insist! - Added basic interaction with vegetation - Updates to some shader parameters, such as the management of the depth of field blur pass now included in the global pass - Addition of some new functions to some shaders - Slight refinement of the lighting to better match indoor scenes - Fixed a bug that forced the game to switch back to windowed mode when changing levels - Replacement of phase 1 clones by phase 2 clones in the level "Coruscant - Space", it was not connected with episode 3 (but you didn't see anything so I'm doing fine ;)) - Added an English version of the artbook, the translation can sometimes be imperfect (it is not my mother tongue and I am not a great literary. Don't expect Shakespeare). The original artbook is of course the French version, so if in doubt, do not translate it from English - Optimization of shaders, especially in terms of transparency management - Slight improvement of the rendering, especially on the bloom/glow level (lightsaber glows +) - Fixed a crash caused by landscapes at startup and preventing some levels from starting - Optimization of all assets with systematic LOD (level of detail), both for the scenery and the characters - Optimization of VFX, in particular to erase them from the rendering when they are beyond a certain distance from the player - Refined vegetation and environment shaders, to reduce visual noise and enhance the painting/watercolor look from a certain distance from the player - Added Orbs & Healing Sources. These green globes will give you back some health points if you catch them after defeating an enemy, the healing sources are much more powerful and give you back all your health points, they will reappear once consumed after a delay of 30 seconds and are available directly in some areas of the level (often close to a tough negotiation area) MEVENN - Added a new "Jedi Master" outfit - Added a new hairstyle to match this new outfit - Added new idle animations that trigger if the player does nothing for a while - Added an IK function on the feet to better anchor Mevenn in the background. This function is not 100% perfect, but it improves the immersion - Added a dash (allows fast movement and attack). Works on the ground/air in the direction of travel. Combined with the jump, the dash allows you to rise in the air furiously, like a certain Palpatine (For the record, this is a welcome bug, in fact it added so much to the gamefeel that we kept it!) - Added an active parry mode that allows to send back enemy shots coming from the front. However, the parry is not to be used at any time, because after one second, it becomes random and costs more energy. A delay is necessary to recharge the energy bar and once it is at zero, any parry becomes random even with good timing. So use it sparingly! You can combine it with the dash and the jump - Refined the two existing attack animations and added a third one - Refined existing animations, especially for the face and hands - Added death (if you get shot too much or jump into the void, you're done!) - Adjustment of the shadows generated by the lightsaber blades - Fixed the jump that didn't work properly in case of a shortened jump - Adjustment of the jump animation to make it feel more like a jump - Adjustment of the fall animation - Added swimming. You can now explore underwater (it's still pretty average, we agree, but it's better than walking underwater. Mevenn is powerful, but not that powerful) - Added visual & sound feedback on Mevenn's steps according to the materials she moves on and her speed of movement - Added the characteristic hum of lightsabers, depending on its operating state (on/off) FORCEGHOSTS - Fixed a bug that moved the actor's position slightly in the game, making it sometimes inaccessible - Added an anim/stationary mode for more accurate placement on small platforms - Adjusted the VFX of the capture and the heart of the dragonflies - Adjustment of the hitbox to capture them - Added "flying" dragonflies, with a bigger hitbox because you have to collect them during some jumps - Added a function to keep track of the total number of dragonflies captured throughout the game - It is no longer necessary to capture all of them to trigger the end of a level. It is now up to the player to decide when to change location - Added randomization in the movement of the dragonflies, which gives them a more natural feel - Depending on the number captured, increases the critical hit chance. A critical hit inflicts more damage, but does not necessarily kill a hit - Once all captured, they unlock a bonus level - Added a shortcut to reveal the position of the remaining Forceghosts via a blue halo (kind of like the "you're heating up/you're cooling down" in the Easter Egg Shrine). That said, it's not all-encompassing and it's relatively unobtrusive, so you'll have to keep an eye on the Force, young padawans UNITS RX-DX - Added these cute little astromechs, including Mevenn's "R7-D3". RX-DX means that you can technically develop any of those numbers (R2-D5, R3-D1, R4-D6...etc), and except R2-D2 they are all "inpirations of...", so not 100% accurate but they have 100% their "SWR" artistic touch JEDIS KNIGHTS - Added Jedis with random visual variations (Male/Female, Twilek/Zabrak/Human, skin color, outfit color, boot types, different lightsaber handles (there are 5 in total, and all are new! Inspired by the Prelogy designs), blade colors...etc) ENEMIES - Added Battledroid B1, Clone Trooper/ARC Trooper Phase 2 as enemies in the different levels - Added spawn points, allowing to generate enemies to shoot to let off some steam in the training room. - Enemies live in the distance, as soon as the player approaches, they open fire. The number of ammunition to start with is variable, an enemy can eventually reload before shooting but it is very rare. Beware, each enemy has variable reload times, ammunition and rate of fire - Killing an enemy sometimes generates a life globe. The bigger it is, the more life points it gives back. If your life bar is full, then you can simply push it around in the level, but it will disappear after 5 seconds. We don't play with food - Enemies reappear after a certain time. The easier the enemy is to defeat, the faster it will come back. Count one to two minutes for the weakest and up to 6 minutes for the toughest - Some enemies are to be taken particularly seriously, they are elites and are more robust/dangerous than others. You will often find them leading a squad. For Phase 2 ARC Troopers, there are many skin variants and 3 attacker variants; dual blasters (very fast shooting, close quarters, good HP), classic blaster (medium shooting, medium range), and assault rifle (long range shooting, large magazine, good rate of fire, less HP than other ARC troopers, but more than basic clones) - Enemies have several reappearance rules, and will only tend to reinforce the presence of ever more elites on the map. Clones can reappear in their opposite basic form (if they are Blaster class, they can reappear as BlasterRifle and vice versa) as well as in one of the 3 ARC trooper types (Blaster, BlasterRifle and Handblasters), which gives a 75% chance to reappear as an ARC trooper. ARC Troopers can reappear as any of the 5 available classes (60% chance to remain as an ARC trooper). Droids have a 20% chance to reappear as a Droid Commander, which can only reappear in its own class (100% chance) UI - Added the trailer's cinematic intro - Added skippable videos and an auto play function after a few seconds of doing nothing in the menu - Added the BONUS section, with cool artworks inside (which you can find in the "Wallpapers" folder) - Refinement of the CREDITS, with notably those dedicated to the Trailer but also to Thibaut Hunckler and Laurent Dessart, who helped on the blueprint and gamedesign part of the project - Added shortcuts to display/hide the UI and enable a more stretched, cinematic framing - Updated shortcuts, shown in the controls menu - Added translations of the game in French, English. You can change the language in the options at any time and the game saves the choice for the following sessions - Refined the level menu, in particular to have stable animations of the previews - Fixed a bug that prevented the display of more than 100 ForceGhosts from behaving normally - Added 3 difficulty levels : Padawan (almost unstoppable and 25% critical hit chance from the start), Jedi Knight (balanced, you start at 10% critical hit chance, you have enough health points to hold on, but not enough to have to be vigilant in battle), and Jedi Master (You start at 1% critical hit chance, you have few health points, enemies take more damage and shoot faster, they are less likely to offer you a healing orb when they die) - Added a slider to adjust the gamma (from 1 to 4 and set to 2.2 by default) - Fixed a bug that prevented the render scale slider from working properly (set to 100% by default, minimum 25% and maximum 150%. Be careful with small configurations, do not set it higher than 100%. Reducing the value allows you to gain a few fps at the cost of a more blurred rendering) - Fixed a bug that made the UI disappear when loading sub-menus controls/options during the game - Fixed global graphic settings buttons, now the rendering changes when you click on them. Be careful with small configs, don't select the Ultra mode if your machine is not solid. The game will launch in the most appropriate mode anyway - Added controls to make nice screenshots (camera position, focal length blur, viewing angle, display of basic composition rules (Tiers, diagonals and Golden Number spiral)) - Adjustments to allow the display on +large resolutions (21/9) TRAINING ROOM - Added a spawner (and therefore enemies). You can stay as long as you want in this level, the goal is just to let off steam on piles of junk LUMBERIA - TEMPLE - Fixed collision bugs - Added a timer to regenerate unstable platforms (about 15s of reappearance time) - Added the famous Temple of the Ancients - Added new areas to explore - changed the starting point, with a bit more narrative (but nothing crazy) and verticality - Added Champiduses, flying mushrooms. Some hover, some go up and down, and some allow you to do a little trampoline! - Added enemies. The level is located some time after order 66 - Adjustment of the level design to better guide the player and avoid the little tricksters who pass where they should not - Revision of the cliff texture for a handpainted look instead of a procedural one - Added variable weather LUMBERIAN - RUINS - Fix collision bugs - Adjusted the level design to better guide the player - Added a new area GEONOSIS - CANYON - Fix collision bugs - Added a new area - Added enemies CORUSCANT - SPACE - Fixed emissives that sometimes appeared white for no reason - Added a new area corresponding to the one used for the "Overwatch Highlight Intro" video (hosted by Thomas Chaumel. You can see it here: CORUSCANT - TEMPLE - Added level - Added new areas, it's invention inspired/based on the design of the Archives, it's not canon nor legend, the goal is that we feel the atmosphere of these places - Added new types of lights allowing a more beautiful immersion through the various points of passage of the level LUCREHULK - CORRIDORS - Added level - Creation of an underground maintenance corridor to vary the atmosphere a bit BONUS LEVELS - Addition of several levels in addition to the basic ones - Unlocked once all the dragonflies have been collected in the other levels
  4. Hi there ! Here are little news from the project. I've brought on some upgrade to existing levels =) First of all, Geonosis : Probably the most boring level (well, there is no vegetation, it's all full of sand, it lacks of life...) in short, I had to improve it ! And as last summer I had quickly put a little piece of concept for a kind of abyss with pipes and everything, I started to work on it… almost since August 2021. I know. A year is a long time. But I didn't get stuck on the blank page syndrome, no, I skillfully left it aside for months (haha, chef's trick!), the time for it to infuse in my head, to find something coherent, an angle of attack. And it was solved in two or three evenings (the longest part was to get started, I took out pieces that I thought were vital, good ideas but impossible to do at the moment because of lack of time…and it came out fine!) The extension is not huge, but it offers a small supplement rather nice to explore, it remains a "small" map ^^ The biggest piece being...the Temple of Lumberia. Finally! For the record, I've been doing graphic research on this temple since 2018, I even went through a Kappla-based construction haha ^^" Pretty early on, I imagined a Temple in Lumberia, kind of like an Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider/Uncharted version. But in the Star Wars universe. It was a technical headache from the start. How was I going to texture a set that big? Without the repetition of textures or big pixels? Making scenery this big for a game takes patience, and a lot of research. If I didn't do it at the time, it's because I lacked knowledge on how to create backgrounds for video games. So yes, I had done some for various projects, and it turned out very well, but I had never considered doing such a colossal block, and for a long time well, I left it aside. I had the temple in the distance, well, a draft, a test. But I didn't know where to start. And in the end, it just clicked after I dropped the server room into the archives. No need to do tons of textures, just aim for colors that work well, stay subtle too. Because from a distance, it didn't have to be a bunch of pixels. I also had an idea that motivated me last year; "flower" pillars. Even if it's not quite what I had in mind, this point allowed me to give a soul to these places, and I think it was what was missing to know how to develop the rest of the temple. Another important point: the architecture. I wanted it to look like a cathedral, but without any Catholic connotation or anything, just a cathedral with long pillars and an impressive vault. And even if I had to do it, to start with a mix with a triangular pyramid. I like it, because a triangle is an elementary shape and when you walk around it, chaotic. It's less obvious than with a square or rectangular base, and this chaos brings mystery to the setting. Why did the Lumberians do this? How could they find their way around? What was their culture in this remote corner of the galaxy? Who lit all those candles? (haha. Well, that's me. I already found it strange in Diablo, but it's still great for the atmosphere). Lumberia has been a fantastic playground for creating enchanted places, and I think I could take it much further if I ever work on it again later. It's a bit of a magical planet where you can have deep time gaps, and where the omnipresent nature is full of dreams. And there are mushrooms that jump around, that's my favorite part =D
  5. Hello Force users ! Here's my take on the N-1 Starfighter, made for the fan project Star Wars - Redemption of course. This one was quite challenging because of its excellent design shapes (to me it's THE one), it was also a real pleasure as always when doing fan art, but especially this one because you can use colors you rarely mix up together (that fresh & rusted yellow...♥) I didn't model the cockpit because for the demo it was overkill, but that's something I'd like to do one day. References on the lower part near foot pedals are quite hard to find though ^^" I made it with : - 3dsMax (Higl/Low/UVs) - 3DCoat ( Handpaint PBR textures) - Akeytsu ( Rig/skin/anim) - Marmoset (Normal/AO Bake/Still & solo renders) - Unreal Engine 4 (rendering/integration/VFX/blueprint controls...etc) Hope you'll enjoy this as much as I do =) Full post here : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/NGzq6q
  6. Also, using a simple tiling method to create my texture atlases for environment art I sped up my workflow and raised up the bar a bit =) Textures are still fully handpainted on 3DCoat (Lucrehulk textures palette was the most expressive I could create, it's very abstract and you can feel a lot of subtle brushstrokes everywhere, just enough so it feel it has been carefully painted by a human =) Then once the atlas texture was done plus a little dirtmap on the fly, all I had to do was modeling and UVs. It's extremely fast to make levels this way, I feel like a lot of my past projects could've been done in a way shorter amount of time, I guess we all learn everyday !) So here are my two new environments : Archives/Servers (Coruscant Jedi Temple) and Lucrehulk corridors (And yes, Archives was already shown a little in the trailer last year, but this was an unfinished version, good enough if blurred haha. This playable area demanded a lot of refinements, and new zones appeared interesting to bring in like the servers room =)) I also used akeytsu to pose Jedi knights in "statue" stances, then by using the extremely cool uv Pack+autobake of existing layers of 3D-Coat I managed to have fully non-overlapped statues where every pixel could have its own metal/color/rough/AO values =) It tooks me a few hours to Pose/UV/texture out 6 statues. Again, akeytsu + 3DCoat was the ultimate combo ♥
  7. lil' update on the clopne troopers phase 2 : they now have theor commanders properley set up and ready for a solid Order 66 =D High/Lowpoly, Uvs done with 3dsMax Rig/Skin/Anim done with Akeytsu All textures done with 3D-Coat (+Curvature bake), 4K UVset for clone armor & Arc trooper stuff, 2K for DC15S & DC15A, 1K for DC17 handblasters Bake done with Marmoset Toolbag 4 (IDMap/NormalMap/AO) lighting/renders done with Marmoset Toolbag 4
  8. Hello there ! I need to blend two normalmaps in Standard Blend, but since NormalMap Blend is obviously a blendmode, I can't do what I need. Packing both maps using Standard Blend into a folder using NormalMap Blend mode also doesn't work (it's even ignored) Finally, when trying to use a layer as a clipmask, in NormalMap Blend mode, I see no impact on areas that should change So, I'd suggest to : - Tag layers in another channel than current "Blend Modes" to set them as NormalMap - When tagged as such, limit blend modes to most used for normalmaps mixe modes (blend, min, max, standard, maybe a diff so you only brings up what's different between two bakes...etc) - Allow to affect opacity through clip mask - Allow to add the NormalMap tag to groups Thank you in advance ♥
  9. Hello there, I'd like to bring to your attention that akeytsu has recently changed its pricing, and is now free to use. You can learn more about this news here on the official website : https://www.nukeygara.com/blog/news/a-new-page-for-akeytsu Note : as the free version is temporarily the educational one, you need to provide a file (any image will work, please refrain from sending borderline content of course) If you don't know "akeytsu", it's a standalone rigging, skinning & animation software. It offers an efficient toolset for a great user experience, its goal is to reduce technical steps required to start animating an asset. Last year, I made the following trailer on top of my daytime job. All except procedural animation (like foliage or explosions VFX) has been made with akeytsu. A friend helped me with a sequence of 5 shots, he usually animates on Maya and he found the workflow here really excellent I recently made a comparison between what's animated on akeytsu and the final shot, so you can figure out a bit better how it's done Finally, I want to express that akeytsu is not made only for animators, I've been making mostly 3D environments & characters for years, and learned animation through this wonderful software. Now I rig every asset I can, for projects and/or portfolio. I think it always makes a difference when having an idle (even simple) to present your own work, as it gives more soul to your characters I wish you all the best with it ! Des Bisous ♥
  10. Wow ! Just found about this topic @Carlosan , so sorry to say just now a BIG THANK YOU ♥ I don't know how I missed your post !
  11. I just made a lineup, after I tweaked some of the colors. Just want to say how wonderful 3DCoat is when you've setup the whole layerstack and start to change colors, patterns, values. It's fast, nice, efficient, and offers a wide variety of possibilities over a fully-controled texture. I just love it ♥
  12. Hi there =) So I've finished these characters and made a few renders, just to see roughly what's possible to do with 3 outfits, 9 boots, 5 beards (important !), 1 TwiLek (Super Important), Zabraks, 5 hilts, various skin tones and both male & female variants...and damn. That delivers a lot of possibilities, it's so coool ! I can legitimately light up tons of lighsabers with unique characters behind, it's freaking cool ! As always, these were fully textured on 3DCoat and I hope to continue working on it for a long time, I love the way I can craft my textures the way I want ! Rig/Skin/Posings were fully made on akeytsu =) You can view these on artstation : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/OmxKZg
  13. Hello ! I'd like to have the possibility to control Alpha through any layer I want. Currently, if you deactivate Layer 0, then the "alpha" will rely on what's painted above, so you need to clamp your paint zones to either a frozen area or use the lock transparency otpion on every layer...which is not practical. Alpha could be controlled using one or more dedicated layers which would act as a global alpha channel for everyone and get used in export constructor. This blend mode could be stored along all the others, which will be natural to access Thanks !
  14. @Andrew Shpagin I got it, but I don't understand why this "UVMerge ignoring Material IDs" happens in case I hide (not delete, just hide) the Layer 0 in paint room. In other words, I could be on any other model having separate UVs per material ID, 3DCoat will still leads to the issue and that's precisely what I would like to see solved in this case. I know it can be fixed through multiple ways, like splitting back in UVRoom or reverting the file and use an older build that doesn't merge UVs on its own, but, well. It would be cool if UVs could simply stay attached to their matID. As long as I didn't merge those IDs, keeping UVs separated should be the default behavior, else it makes user feels like his file is not stable and could messup itself at any time he plays with opacity (that's why I touched the Layer 0, I know it's a specific layer so maybe there is unexpected behaviors that remains after a lot of the code has been reworked since the 4.8.44)
  15. I'm starting a new part of this project, it's about jedi (again, rhoooooolàlà how dare I ! ^^) I try to stream each day while making these assets so users can get a sneaky eye on the magical technique behind SWR textures (well, nothing magical. It's more about patience and enjoying the process =)) Here's my twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/vexod14
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