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[Solved] UV/Retopo Issues

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Just updated to the latest release 4.9.02 Pro

Having an issue with 3D Coat crashing after making UV changes in the UV room. I'll make a change in the UV room and switch to Retopo room then get an instability warning.

Also pressing Apply UV-set doesn't update in the retopo room.


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I cant replicate this issue, but why change in UVroom and switch to retopo room ? That room are not interconnected. 

UV room is Paint Room extension, any mesh located in Paint Room can modify UVs using UVroom. This is common usage.

Even if you have created a new, manual Retopo Group - the UV Room will not display this new, unwrapped Group unless you first Bake the Retopo Group into the Paint Room (Retopo Menu/Bake . . . . ).

3DC workflow1.jpg


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