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Panasonic Revealed HDR Capable UHD VR Eyeglasses


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During CES 2020, Panasonic showed its new product, VR eyeglasses, that they are developing in cooperation with Kopin Corporation.


During CES 2020, Panasonic showed its new product, VR eyeglasses that they are co-developing with Kopin Corporation, a leader in manufacturing display devices.

Panasonic has been enhancing its audio and visual technologies for the development of the video equipment. With displays by Kopin, the company has integrated these technologies into new VR eyeglasses that are lightweight, compact and provide high-quality images and sound. 

The key features of the device are: 

  • UHD high-quality images device capable of displaying HDR images with the OLED panel.
  • High-quality sound capable of the reproduction over a wide range of frequencies from ultra-low to high by adopting Technics’ original dynamic driver.
  • Compact and lightweight body enabling the device to be worn in comfort without the need for a headband.

Check the full release by Panasonic for more details.

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Display : 1inch 4K in this time, but mass product version will be 1.3inch , 2,560×2,560pixels(5K, 2,245ppi)
FOV: 77 degree, Mass production version is 100degree because using larger panel. And custom lens will be provide over 110degree
Refresh rate : 120Hz
Apps: USB-C connected in this time (depends on connected device


Any guesses on the eventual price?



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