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Crashing When Rendering!

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I'm having an issue where 3d coat crashes every time I try to render. It will get about halfway through the first frame of the turntable and then crash. I thought it was because I was on demo mode, but when I opened the fully registered version I'm still having this issue. I also thought it was my graphics card, but it turns out it's not that too. I am able to render other files and importing this file to the working files does not fix it.

I really hope someone here knows how to fix this. I've attached an image with the error message.

3d coat error.PNG

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I tried rendering it using version 4.9.25. I tried with GL and DX versions. As soon as it gets to the end of the first frame it crashes.

How would the mesh being corrupted mess up the rendering? Would there be a way to fix it or another way to render it? Sorry I'm still new to this program.

I just tried using the render to youtube setting and while it is working so far, I need it to be in 1920 x 1080 which I'm unable to get it to do that way.

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Yes, all of the drivers are up to date. I'm using an Intel(R) UHD Graphics 360 and a NVDIA Quadro P3200.

I just find it odd that other files and methods are rendering fine and it's only the "Render Turntables w/ Post Process" with this specific mesh that doesn't work.

If the file is just going to be difficult and this isn't an issue that anyone else is having I can live with the lower quality render and just hope it doesn't mess up for future things, but it would be nice to have it in 1080 instead of 720.

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