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  1. 2022-01-20 23-25-09.mp4 Yes it works for me. Make sure you are using latest build and try to reset tool, maybe you was change extrusion mode for example
  2. Which tool are you using? Old tools have that checkbox for clay engine you may use negative settings in plane offset
  3. you can draw with lasso (E key to choose) like in zbrush mask. But in pose tool i also notice some bug with deselection, sometimes clear selection button is not working, you should draw again and then it start to work
  4. 2022-01-13 21-35-44.mp4 Not sure what happening with gizmo, line axis moving object in different directions but arrow head is working as should be
  5. It should be problem in something else, i used fill tool today and it fill very small holes, but i have big vox resolution(8x)
  6. Hi, is there any reason to stop working pan with middle mouse button at hovering on gizmo?
  7. That's because you have two mesh intersections, one you previewing for import, another what you already imported on layer. If you change to any other tool than import, it will looks normal with default shader
  8. Check the layer what you are drawing, it was said what was locked. I cannot reproduce, it work normal from your steps. Also you may try to reset settings
  9. Affected settings for scattering some of them in import window and some in brush options, there is spacing and other staff for jittering, what important is radius(scale) with jitter position it works more or less
  10. Yes i am also thought to model strand and scatter, but it looks like scattering (on brush) in 2021 is broken, it smudge the model during drawing, in 4.9 it work but radius jittering not working. Can you check this guys?
  11. Maybe something with cavity map, try to change to old style and edit settings. Also restarting 3dcoat sometimes helping untick this
  12. At importing in 3dcoat it apply default shader (what you may choose).The default shader in maya i believe is gray. The shader between software cannot be shared in any program to keep similar color you have to make unwrapping, make textures, exported, then import in another software create shader and put textures in right slot for your software(render engine). Obj have some settings to keep shader settings but most not working as it do not support modern PBR material but only old glossiness workflow and only for standard shader.
  13. it looks like logo have low resolution here i resaved from vector
  14. For first issue, try to import via png format, also invert image for second, you can use stencil patterns for rectangle lasso with freeze area or closed spline
  15. maybe if you describe what you trying to do we will help, maybe you trying to make it wrong way. But better create another topic for that. @cookepuss Yes, some names in 3dcoat not very intuitive, i am also suggested to rename some windows, but i think that's not big problem, all software have own way). For example in affinity photo there is also some tools have own name and mask works just different compare to photoshop and you have to google how it works.
  16. That's strange, i was using standard refractive shaders. I am noticed lowering opacity below 0.4 and shadow disappears, maybe this will help
  17. @Carlosan He is talking about render room and this second coat ball dropping black shadow
  18. It looks like render engine restriction, transparent object still dropping full shadow and producing this black shadow, not sure why only on this convex shape, but you may trace this if you turn off shadow in render settings. The render engine in 3dcoat very old, i hope Andrew will bring most popular embree raytracing someday. Very like how it works in MagicaVoxel. Anyway what you trying to achieve with two mesh you may achieve with single mesh and fake a bit, you need just to add base texture and Fresnel reflection with falloff it should looks very similar. Also i am sure it is possible in node system to add reflective coating. Sorry i am not expert in 3dcoat rendering as i am using for that corona renderer in 3ds max
  19. You are mention completely different areas of 3d. VR is real time engine like game models, have own requirements to polygon counts textures etc. Cad model(STEP, IGS) is completely different modelling method and it needs own program, not maya and not 3dcoat cannot modelling in CAD format. STL is most using for 3d printing it is also have own requirements for details, what not fits to VR. STL can be connected to VR, if you modelling highpoly or middlepoly model(STL) and later retopo for real time engine and texture it in 3dcoat. But CAD format you need to make in fusion360 or rhino or Autodesk Inventor or similar programs only, it's not polygonal modeling but NURBS
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