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  1. Try to subdivide model and avoid ngons. I think such problem may occur even in ray tracing render engines
  2. sprayer

    [Bug] fill defect, non-colorable pixels

    @Carlosan It looks like old bug, i cannot find topic with standard model of robot what have the same issue. Changing resolution might help but not fixing completely
  3. I hope they rename this tool something familiar to other software, lathe for example
  4. sprayer

    [Feature] Search material by name

    Not only material search tools also would be useful
  5. It's copyright issue. youtube shows free music what you can choose from, it is always bad)
  6. sprayer

    Keystroke Feature for Tutorials

    But you need just to see top menu and there is always showing selected tools on the left. I think you watching bad tutorials sadly there is not many good tuts for 3dcoat. I hate for example Anton Tanitsky he often cut UI. Just find good authors for example https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGQVeHxXnvjFlU-bnrVv-OA https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJFQSxA2dObc2ycCeZqTBfA https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXEHbpkKRdBMdavLQzogyxw https://www.youtube.com/user/quicksketch/featured
  7. This is old program, and there is many voxel software even game engine. There is even lego editor what you can use to make 3d model and export to render engine. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1167630/Teardown/ https://www.youtube.com/user/AtomontageEngine/videos Are you new in CG?
  8. sprayer

    Sculpting patterns around curved objects

    I believe spider man was painted not in 3d space but in 2d on UV, like fabrics layout what is cut from canvas with seamless pattern. You may take a look on marvelous designer how it works
  9. sprayer

    Fundamental Paint Room Workflow

    Look this video. You mistaken sculpttree, surface layer, and sculpt layer in paint room n
  10. sprayer

    Anti-Aliasing on lower res textures

    In 3dcoat you can adjust just falloff parameter for smoothing brush but that's a bit different than photoshop. to smooth brush you need to choose more smooth brush alpha, try 3rd for example
  11. I am talking about not feature but how comfortable you should use 3dcoat. how BREP will work without views, now you can't work in several view and will need extra clicks to change view. I am doubt what Andrew can make more better workflow than moi3d. If it will be worse then why you should use one program if you can make it in another like all user useing 3d coat. Sculpting in zbrush, paint and unwraping in 3dcoat. Even retopo can be made in other program more comfortable. Polygons modelling in 3d coat not good because of UI\UX. Even text looks bad to me compare to other software. You have Blender all-in-one then why you do not sculpt and paint there? Why you want another all-in-one program if only few old people will using it. Andrew made new material node system for rendering but i am very doubt what it will be useful if you can render in other great render engines like blender, or corona, vray, etc. If you know what is it corona render when you should know it's so popular because of simple settings what take less time to setups scene than vray, it have user-friendly UI. In now day you need not only many features but also good UI for comfortable work and fast setup. That's why we see moi3d, marvelous designer, affinity photo, marmoset toolbag, quixel mixer, world creator 3 and other great standalone tools. I hope 3dcoat team will start to work with community more closer, making poll with features for example and hear people about bugs and UI. By the way another useless feature imho in 2021 grouping tools without logic and still have scroll, i have no idea what reason to make this...
  12. Yes this sound good, but you forgetting many things all those programs have multi views what 3ds coat lack because it focused on sculpting like zbrush. It need to change whole program. I think it is useless, just read all around what people thing about 3d coat, what it's good program but have many bugs what cannot be fixed many years. It have glitch with meshing in surface mode, black artifacts, producing holes. 3dcoat cannot make perfect hard surface. This video what you are showing to me is useless, it is good for showing small preview but you cannot make product renders from this models in big resolution because you always have jagged edges with triangles. Try to render this mask in 4k resolution you will see artifacts and you cannot show this images to client just like concept sketch. I prefer to focus developing on fixing bugs and making good UX\UI, sorting tools, adding search etc. Many peoples dreaming about fixing bugs many years. I am watching tutorials and all of them talking about bugs, strange behavior etc. Curves very not user-friendly comparing to corel draw or moi3d and you want NURBS and BREP with them? Maybe you did't know what CAD is not about NURBS but it also have opportunity to change every step what you did before without undo like i said before, though moi3d don't have this feature
  13. why people here very often looking on CAD tools in 3d coat? Do you understand what it's sculpt software and this is have nothing with CAD. Do you think engineers will use sculpt tools? CAD have own formats and eco system for production, calculating weight, and you can change every step without undo Though i want to have tools for making perfect hard surface to make product render for concepting, right now you cannot make perfect shapes to have perfect edges on renders in big resolution like in zbrush
  14. sprayer

    Tweak Room - Transform Rotate Scale

    Please see video about control. You can rotate with holding ctrl to snap angle, you can enter numeric values by holding left mouse on needed gismo and hit space. also i believe there is option to rotate model at import by changing Z axis
  15. sprayer

    [Solved] 3DCoat Performance and cooling on Laptop

    Mark this checkbox