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  1. sprayer

    Baking problem(3)

    Please use search on forum you asking the same things couple days ago from another person
  2. sprayer

    How should I carve in the orange screens?

    use spline selection in stroke mode, and cut off or vox hide tools with symmetry
  3. Just for lough https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/mudbox/learn-explore/caas/CloudHelp/cloudhelp/2020/ENU/Mudbox/files/GUID-B2F1FCA6-6BD0-4CF2-9494-81883933599E-htm.html
  4. sprayer

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    [bug] In texture editor to toggle wireframe visibility you need to click 3 times on button
  5. sprayer

    Lightwave objects cannot be loaded

    Can you tell me what is FBX not save? FBX support mapping, vertex paint information, animation and bones but 3dcoat not support it and will not save it. In other words 3dcoat can export all what it can create in FBX, or i am not right? Cheers
  6. Please report also similar problem in here. When i edit shader to make matcap and choosing texture. It fixing if i toggle flat shading checkbox
  7. In shader texture appear after change setting like flat shading. Try to change something what effect viewport\shader or restart 3dcoat
  8. This fonts texture also appear if you making shader(in sculpt room) and insert any texture
  9. sprayer

    Bug: carve tool is wrong vs 2D Paint tool

    Try different options in 2d paint tool it can draw in very similar way for example with this settings
  10. sprayer

    Bug: carve tool is wrong vs 2D Paint tool

    what the difference between old carve tool and 2d paint tool?
  11. sprayer

    Lightwave objects cannot be loaded

    It just your car is missing one small upholstered rivet what you just notice. I think you are new in 3d? Because i am more than 15 years in this and know what this is very often not only for small development team like for 3dscoat but for big company's and many software have something not working. But i can cheer up, for most issue there is couple workaround what you can use. A good designer is not one who knows thoroughly one program, but one who knows how to adapt to time and new programs, use different programs and solve problems on the go. Can you explain your problem and why do you need lwo support if you have fbx? There is no bones(in 3dcoat) or other features, for other stuff fbx is good choice even for bones.
  12. sprayer

    Lightwave objects cannot be loaded

    Maybe he cannot import lwo 2020 what is expected because it's newly update after long pause of development. But what the problem to use obj or fbx format in Lightwave? Man this is stupid argue because even 3ds max do not support last sketchup but it support it ) The same for many apps
  13. sprayer

    model has UV seams I can't get rid of… ?

    Check if these edges welded
  14. If you are making job in hurry don't use beta version, this version for testing and reporting problems. Feel free to report, if you can show how to reproduce, it will quickly fixed.
  15. sprayer

    Brush, Alpha

    Default hotkey is T Or you can find in menu Windows-Panels-Brushes