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  1. sprayer

    [Request] faster smoothing for the pose tool

    You can use line selection it will draw as gradient from point to point
  2. sprayer

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Check please for Move tool smooth on Shift not working after moving (without moving it works) in voxels
  3. What normals? They bake unto uvw. Vertex color can be exported without uvw and used in supported software
  4. If it okay than look on videos from corona and vray, it's huge difference in quality and light. in corona you need nothing to tweak for making realistic render
  5. Then buy Windows PC it has more performance for Mac price and more option to replace parts later. Intel GPU was never good for artist and 3d software
  6. sprayer

    Retopo tools question

    And what is better in blender? I did't see, to me it looks more moving mouse than 3d coat, that "dragging out" thing is stupid, snap to mouse cursor also confusing. For 13minutes he did't do nothing two loop and even less than half of face. Do not why all of you so obsessed with blender
  7. sprayer

    Using 3dCoat like Fusion360?(need tips)

    Yes to me in 3dcoat scale also a bit confusing. The default grid you need to see border of working space, if you exceed border strange things may happen with model during operations. So always work in that grid. You can set scale in Geometry there is three menu: - show statistic - define measurement units - edit scene scale So you can set units and work with voxlayer there will be thickness in mm if you set scene units mm. You can check measure with the measure tool
  8. sprayer

    Using 3dCoat like Fusion360?(need tips)

    Did you tried voxlayer tool? and and there is also brush tool for painting over model on new layer, maybe there is more tools what can be useful
  9. Houdini think have smallest number of users compare to other 3d software. And most expensive app. Why are you think people here will be interested in rendering with Houdini? =) In vfx, modelling and rendering will do different persons.
  10. sprayer

    Spacebar to Pan like in Photoshop

    haha bad request, actually this is stupid thing in photoshop, you can't reassign for Middle mouse button pan like in all other 2d editor, people asking so many years about this and they only add in 2019 cntl+z and many bugs )))
  11. sprayer

    [Solved] Import Megascan doesn't work for me (Mac)

    I hope Andrew add support for folders =(
  12. sprayer

    Akeytsu Discussion Corner

    Maybe when Akeytsu will support pipeline for movies with highpoly animations =)
  13. sprayer

    [Solved] Imported OBJ. how to make it sharper ?

    Then you import object mark option to import without voxilisation it will import your geometry as is in surface layer
  14. sprayer

    3DCoat - Vision of the Future

    Nice, but do not agree about blender =)
  15. sprayer

    Instant crash before baking imported meshes

    Hi, It works fine to me, i bake it. try latest version or before refactoring 4.9.05 or 39. Also you may try to reset settings Though lower light object imports with issues, i turn it off