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  1. sprayer

    Trim smooth border workflow

    Try to play with options buildup and indent, and in brush options you may add jitter position and radius
  2. sprayer

    Quixel to 3DCoat

    But why do we need archive from beginning? For example i am using quixel bridge it download textures what i select and place them in folder unzipped.
  3. sprayer

    Quixel to 3DCoat

    In video not shown how to open this dialog Never worked for me either
  4. I was talk about two methods, one with transparent background it will generate alpha, and another when you use height map, for example zdepth or displace map it will generate proper height map for brush, but needs to make sure what is have pure black background for 3dcoat to generate proper alpha or it will draw with similar artifact like black lines or extrude rectangle in sculpting. I notice in zbrush this is not problem but for 3d coat it need pure black background. I also notice it not big difference in 8bit and 16bit images, yes i know 8bit have 256colors gray scaled, it noticeable in render engine with displacement but in 3d coat it is always have some artifacts at edges of brush and do not have so much details as render engine or zbrush
  5. Maybe i may wrong. But you do not need many layers what 3d coat automatically creates. You can make brush with some vector shape just white on transparent background or make tiff 16bit black and white with height map, but make sure what black background is pure black. So you need only one layer for import brush
  6. Why can't you save only one PNG and insert in 3dcoat? It will generate all layers what it needs https://i.imgur.com/GUXw7IL.jpg
  7. sprayer

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    but i click on visible layers it won't pick 2020-10-09 13-07-41.mp4
  8. sprayer

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    In sculpt mode If you select hidden layer auto pick not working
  9. sprayer

    select sublayers with one click?

    Two click is it fine for you? ) just click on first and last one with holding shift
  10. sprayer

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    i wrote and showed video about this bug couple month ago =( it's not only for freeze tool but for selection and for subdivide for example there you select area black artifacts appears after deselection
  11. не используйте промежуточные версии, либо старую 4,9,05 либо последнюю, на 40 никто не сидит и не смогут сказать у вас это баг или в актуальной версии
  12. Скорее всего баг, попробуйте перезапустить программу, и изменить значения настроек кисти может как то влияет jitter в комнате ретопологии. видео бы не помешало посмотреть на характер тряски. Мышка проводная?
  13. Here few nice channels with tutorials, from official videos i want to sleep( https://www.youtube.com/c/PolyToots/playlists https://www.youtube.com/user/AlienMinefield/playlists https://www.youtube.com/user/allexr82/videos
  14. sprayer

    [Bug] Alpha without antialiasing

    For me the same every "playing" in 3d coat gives some errors and bugs, i hope developer can "play" and fix all bugs someday otherwise this tools works only for old users what knowing that they are doing and how it should work to find workaround. @Andrew Shpagin should do something with ton of bugs
  15. 3ds max standard shader what you used is not PBR, it is old shader just for compatibility for old formats like for fbx export etc. PBR in physical shader it is also support viewport PBR or others depend of render engine, but there is different workflow, for example corona renderer have only specular model and Rough map you need to tweak(invert etc or change in 3d coat)