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  1. Menu from paint room not hiding
  2. @gerykats did you tried to change tablet interface in settings?
  3. @geo_n i don't think what poly modelling in 3dcoat will be good as it's destructive way and never will be similar to 3ds max, blender etc. But maybe some feature will have like non-destructive boolean
  4. All sculpt software looks illogical to me) 3dcoat modelling is just like sculpting at low poly) Lightwave by the way is alive Stable release 2020.0.2 / July 15, 2020; 12 months ago It's just big companys making new version every year with tone of bugs, but there is not much new features and they are making because of money to sell more upgrade and leave behind old versions, for example 3ds max can save only 3 version below, and loosing compatibility with 3 years old version, you need to buy new or siting on old. But at beginning new version was developed several years
  5. it's already reported and fixed i latest builds
  6. For me i am never saw crash log, it's just never created in 2021, and program freeze more often than crash. Here just crash at import model for per pixel painting with keeping uv, model from marvelous designer it looks heavy for 3dcoat to bake AO and also it produce artifacts on some parts. And no crash logs in Documents\3DCoat-2021 Hoodie Front pocket zipper.7z crash Hoodie Front pocket zipper-fix-no crash for AO.7z for AO
  7. sprayer

    Smart materials layers

    Many render engines do not have that slot, and not many people using it because you baking on model AO according light and object position it is more accurate than in material. I wrote in previous post workaround
  8. sprayer

    Smart materials layers

    I heard there will be soon node editor for smart materials, and you can mix AO with albedo. For now you can mix in photoshop and put texture to color slot. Also i think you can use inverted AO as opacity with black color on second layer, i think it will be similar result
  9. Bring to retopo, make model, update paint mesh from retopo to paint room and it will be there
  10. sprayer

    Smart materials layers

    You mean to use AO as mask? is it big difference between AO and concave on one object?
  11. Go to retopo room it is all there, and tweak-modelling and uv etc
  12. @Carlosan Don't CAD models have a lot of problems with converting to poly? I have always with it, holes and glitches, and there is no any good exporter.
  13. It's on build) By the way how to disable grouping?
  14. 2021-07-29 12-11-02.mp4 I report before, some tools may use stretched alphas (not only with stamp) Also notice what every ctrl+z switching tools And not sure if this is proper behavior: 2021-07-29 12-19-41.mp4
  15. sprayer

    [Solved] Will smart materials get nodes ?

    I hope it will not have same bugs as current node editor. And better UI