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  1. sprayer

    Pose tool with curve?

    Maybe Bend tool will help?
  2. sprayer

    3DCoat 4.9 <Open BETA> testing thread

    Can somebody check Copy Clay? It doesn't work for me
  3. sprayer

    3DCoat 4.9 <Open BETA> testing thread

    In painting room selecting Height Adjustment Tool program may crash
  4. sprayer

    3DCoat 4.9 <Open BETA> testing thread

    Still happening to me
  5. sprayer

    3DCoat 4.9 <Open BETA> testing thread

    It is stable but have many small glitches and missing menus like this hotkeys for brush ()-= sometimes needs to press twice
  6. sprayer

    Crashing When Rendering!

    Does it make sense to move Texture Editor in windows - panels? Also would be good to make this window without restriction to border window of 3dcoat so i can move it around on desktop.
  7. sprayer

    how to make glove?

    i am doubt even in marvelous it is hard to make tie for example
  8. sprayer

    how to make glove?

    Did you tried Vox layer?
  9. sprayer

    Alphas resolution in surface mode

    I think if you not enough detail in live clay brush (i hope you tried to change detail value) then you need to check scale of model, and you should to check this at importing
  10. sprayer

    [Solved] Steam version not launching.

    I think it something with steam, i have the same problem but for blender, from site it works fine, but it won't in steam
  11. maybe it will be interested to you 3d coat also from Jama https://www.artstation.com/artwork/xzQWPY
  12. sprayer

    Cloth Simulation tool in 3DCoat 2020

    I hope it supported multicore calculation?
  13. sprayer

    Still no new Mac Version - since weeks

    There is nothing to wait, too many bugs after rewriting code, so it better focus on fix them than port them to Mac
  14. sprayer

    [Solved] 4K is blurry

    I didn't tell you set small text but change it in settings =) here my screen 4k(43") 125% system scale JBT27 Are you sure you set right option for exe file? You need last windows build
  15. sprayer

    [Solved] 4K is blurry

    It works fine for all people. You doing something wrong. That option fix blurriness and small text you can change in 3d coat settings