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  1. By the way this feature do not work on matcap shaders if they set by default
  2. Yes it looks much better with fillets and holes compare to moi3d. But they sell in Microsoft store what is bad. On forum they mention standalone version but still not released
  3. @#000wizard you may hold ALT during clicking on eye it will toggle all layers like in photoshop
  4. 2021-10-10 13-50-45.mp4 This menu act strange partly working and hiding after two clicks
  5. Убедитесь, что используете последнюю версию программы. Приложите скриншоты и сцену, если этот баг можно повторить, то его пофиксят
  6. 3dcoat very sensitive to scale and may produce glitches if your model will be bigger than 3d grid, so it make sense what Carlosan telling you to set proper scale of the scene to your model
  7. you still may try to install full installer in first post
  8. Shapr3D is an intuitive CAD tool built to make 3D modeling easier and quicker. Now for windows
  9. At first you need to calm down. Believe me zbrush interface much much worse, so you need a bit time to understand how program work. I think you also need to watch some video tutorials, i am recommend not official, they are too long with tone information what you do not looking. Old tutorials also work well, the main tools works the same except live clay was replaced https://www.youtube.com/user/AlienMinefield/playlists https://www.youtube.com/c/PolyToots/playlists https://www.youtube.com/c/RaccoonImages/playlists The room difference only in tools panel (but you can even change that for any room), all visibility in types of model like object paint, sculpt tree, etc, you can open their windows in any rooms and switch visibility. You do not need anything to export in most case The second would be better if you showing screenshot for every problem.
  10. After playing with your file a bit do not know what happened now it selecting this edges for me =) by the way there were polygons they just snap in one vertex
  11. Looks like bug. workaround you may select them via expand command on RMB
  12. Используйте замкнутый сплайн, там есть режим рисования от руки с упрощением линии, то что вы хотели.
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