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  1. sprayer

    Autopo crashes and restarts computer

    I meant windows event log if your video driver crash or any software in most case it will be written there. model with problems shouldn't crash system)
  2. sprayer

    Autopo crashes and restarts computer

    See reason of reboot in system log in windows, maybe there another problem with videocard driver
  3. sprayer

    Normal/Shading and Curvature map problem

    It looks like in 2021 works the same
  4. sprayer

    micropolys please...

  5. You forgetting new problem of AMD CPU it's price much higher when it was, now latest generation too expensive and Intel make lower their price and looks also good in comparison price\performance
  6. sprayer

    3DCoat vs. ZBrush and Marvelous Designer

    I am doubt what 3dcoat will have animation, As it requires to have animated avatar = bones system
  7. I don't understand him in Russian either Я по-русски вас понять не могу как люди поймут вас на английском? У вас название темы уже свидетельствует о каких-то прошедших событиях, о которых мы не можем знать. Я написал какое видео упоминается - вы проигноровали, как вас люди смогут понять??? Сейчас будут пальцем в небо тыкать пытаясь угадать чего вам нужно. Вам скрины делают, а вы не можете прикрепить в первый пост. Если вам плевать на ваш вопрос, то не спамьте
  8. Для начала бы писали нормально вопросы, название темы и проверяли свое сообщение, какое видео? Не понятно чего вам нужно. Мы же не можем читать ваши мысли. Вам итак Carlosan идет на встречу и позволяет писать на русском в другом разделе. При желании можно найти и самому.
  9. sprayer

    Advice for new computer build

    For working it is always better CPU what have high performance in single thread, so look test and take high frequency cpu. AMD is good choice but new CPU may be expansive, and their performance depend of RAM speed. But Intel do not have dependency of RAM speed and they drop prices now. For rendering vice versa you need more cores what is faster in full load. 32gb is minimum in nowadays for work
  10. yes it's good, but what the purpose?
  11. If you do not unistall 3dcoat before install new version it will keep old version. It won't overwrite because it create every time new folder with versions C:\Program Files\3DCoat-V4.9.67 C:\Program Files\3DCoat-V4.9.68 etc
  12. What do you think about to hide root layer? Don't know who using this, but it will give a bit space and better hierarchy for real layers. Though i think whole widow should be revamp as it's old and not user-friendly, often you can click and convert layer accidently. Other indications here also not very optimized for work, for example color in layers etc. I don't know, in photoshop(as it have similar UI) all fine but here layers looks chaotic in tree
  13. sprayer

    Bugs report in "General 3D Coat"

    Click on Mantis on the top. But there is closed registration, do not why, on forum not many people but they close bug report section because of spam or something like that
  14. Try to subdivide model and avoid ngons. I think such problem may occur even in ray tracing render engines
  15. @Carlosan It looks like old bug, i cannot find topic with standard model of robot what have the same issue. Changing resolution might help but not fixing completely