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I owned the Academic/Amateur version for PC. Then I got a 3D printer. In the spirit of fair play, I bought 3DC Printing for PC. I hadn't really gotten up to speed with 3DC(in general )at that point, but had a project that I needed to complete. 3DCP was erroring on save at the time, so I kept working in 3DC. I then found myself with a Mac as my main machine. So I bought Add OS. Now(as I posted elsewhere) I'm having trouble installing the latest version of 3DC. I thought maybe I should get back on track with 3DCP,  but do I really have to Add OS for it? It's not really an option AFAIK. But $40 to switch OS for a $49 program seems a bit much(although, still slightly better than paying full price for a second copy). That long ass explanation was mainly to show I got here and that I'm trying to do the right thing , but, under the circumstances, I'm not looking forward to spending more money.

By all means, delete or relocate if necessary. Not ranting just looking for a resolution.


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