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slow fill tool at 4k in paint room


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I feel the fill tool is just too slow to be really useable in the paint room with anything above 4k textures. I have a 45k tri scene, all one material and selecting polys to paint on regardless if its a smart material or just a colour with disabled normal/roughness, its taking about 10 secs for it to complete each fill.

This gif shows how sluggish it is. Any ideas? thanks.


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There are plenty of discussions on speeding up the painting and I believe things are in the works but when, I do not know when it will happen.

Two ways which might or might not meet your need.

If you are only using flat colors, I am only going by what I see.

Lower the texture resolution under the Textures menu / Mesh & Texture Resolution. Top of the interface. 

Before exporting increase the Texture resolution to 4K then export.

Another way.

A feature added in 4.8:

A  Smart Material can be painted at a lower resolution, then exported at the higher resolution with no loss in quality.

The Smart Material of course needed or needs to be created with higher res images.  

Choose a smart material, Right click on the smart material icon and attach it to the current layer. Important! History of materials usage over layer. All materials that was applied to layer are stored in history together with all settings. This is what is happens when you attach a smart material to a layer.

Lower the texture resolution the same way as above. 

Do your painting

Increase the texture resolution before exporting, no loss in quality. 

Example picture. No shown for quality but the process. 

Painted at 1024 on the left. Exported at 4k on the right. 




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Should not be a problem. 

To stress the point, the smart material images need to be at least 4k if you are working  at 4k resolution. 

Just saying this to be safe and for others who might read the post.

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Unfortunately it didnt quite work, my fear was the seams and you can see. I dropped down to 512 textures resolution, much faster btw, filled with surface material. It left a few areas, see at top of chair . I then put texture resolution back up to 4096, smart material filled out but seams still there. I then did a fill with surface material at 4096 and that got rid of the seams.
My uv`s were set out for 4k textures, so can see why it struggles at 512 resolution. Unless i`m doing something wrong? thanks


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Without having access to your Model or smart material, I do not know for sure what is happening. I will take a guess.

Your UV seam padding is set too high and your are getting bleeding at the low resolution. 

Real time padding mode can be changed too. 3DC default padding is 256 pixels or it use to be... Not sure why it was ever set that high.

I will show my settings in uploaded picture.

You can if possible share the chair model and the smart material. You create a extension under the file menu for the smart material. Send me a private pm with the links. I will be happy to look at it.

I grabbed a free chair off the internet and ran just auto mapping unwrapping as I wanted more seams for the test. There is a little stretching here and there because of the unwrapping. Of course I would create a manual unwrapping to avoid those but this a test.





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Hi ,

thanks for the help.
Yes its the padding of my uv`s, i`d allocated for a 4096 texture. So i can adjust that to allow for the padding at lower resolution. I tried the padding settings aswell.
But back to the flood fill lag... i noticed at 512 is instant, at 2048 its less than a second with the fill tool, but 4096 it jumps to about 4-5 secs per fill. Really would be nice to have that reduced down in time to make it more user friendly.

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Is your Chair coming out correctly now. Yes I too hope for faster filling at higher textures.  

I normally would not go as low as 512 but only as low as 1024 but 2K works pretty fast and give you an idea of the final look and less than a second is not too long to wait when using a smart material.

I found that 8 pixels works fne for 4k textures, no problems so far that is.

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