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Bug? Edit All Layers in Ext. Editor (with TRANSPARENCY in Layer 0)

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I was trying to edit some textures with transparency to Photoshop by making Layer0  transparent.

1) In the Paint room select Layer 0 and Make Transparent.

2) Select Layer 1 and fill it with some shapes or brush strokes with hard alpha.

3)  Edit All Layers in Ext. Editor (Ctrl+P)


Using 3d-coat v4.5.03:


In Photoshop (added white solid layer under the green shape to see more clearly)


Looks like everything is fine.


And now using v4.9.68 (by the way, i got the same result with the older version - 4.7.37C):




But using Textures > Export > Color/Albedo Map, I have usable alpha in both cases:



Also, I got some weirdness in 4.9.68 using different Mesh templates and trying to make Layer 0 transparent:



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"export all layers colors" or "edit all layers in external editor"; in photoshop it eraze "LAYER 0" content; "import all layers colors" or "sync layer with external editor" back to 3DC. Your object will display sort of transparent and every color you paint in any of the layers is considered the transparency map.

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