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Can't get Spline models to join up - Top, Middle, bottom


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I am trying to create a spline model (The example I'm using is just a test/dummy object to work through the process) 


I opened some existing Splines from 3DCoat in Blender such as the rope and wires, to see how they are organised and scaled.

I've followed the advice given here; https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XSWUJmaLAlmz-PuQS5Q6bdGVhtgoP0-dGD40YHmgaUs/edit

In Blender, I created my own objects, named Top, Middle, Bottom. The joining areas are 'open', the middle section is exactly 1m long. I select all three objects and export them as an .obj file, then load this into 3DCoat's Spline Panel usign the big '+'.

I get a requester asking me about the Y step, which I leave at '1', assuming that refers to the length of the Middle section.

However when the spline is applied, there are gaps along the middle section. I've been trying all sorts of different options when saving the objects, but nothing makes any difference, and I don't understand why.

If I upload the Middle section by itself, it works exactly as expected, but including the Top and Bottom parts seems to be what messes up my spacing.

I have read other posts helping with similar issues, but wasn't able to see anything that helped.  Some advice from last year pointed users to load their objects into a folder:Users\yourusername\Documents\3D-CoatV48\VoxStamps\Splines, but I have serached for that and can't see that folder anywhere on my system.  I do have a folder: Program Files\3DCoat-2021\UserPrefs\Models\SplineProfiles, so I'm wondering if the default location has changed recently.

Anyway, any advice on how to get my Middles to be unbroken would be much appreciated. 







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That seems to have done it.

So the 'Y Step' value seems to be the fraction that the Middle section is, compared to the total length...  My example there had each part at 1m long, for  a total length of 3m. The Middle bit, 1m, divided by 3, gave me 0.33333, and that seems to be right.

I was 'tricked' by the middle section needing to be 1 unit long, and the default Y Step being 1. ;)

Thank you.

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Actually, just curious...

When I was testing, and re-importing the .obj of one of the pre-existing splines, such as the WireWithPlug.obj, the 'Step Y' requester doesn't appear, yet everything aligns perfectly. What is different about those .obj files to ones which I have saved? have they already been set-up as splines exported from 3DCoat as .obj files? 

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