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Whats the best portable computer set up for 3D coat?


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I would love to get into 3d coat more, i have tried on my surface pro. But something kept making it crash from the pen pressure and using certain tools with it.

I really want to use this software but i am afraid if it wont work. So i was hoping others might have some good recommendations on the perfect set up like type of computer, tablet, specs, stylus and all that. 

Im also looking for a portable set up for university. so a laptop might be necessary. 

Thank you. 

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Sorry to see you didn't get a reply to your question.

I would say go for the best nVidia RTX graphics card and as much ram as you can afford.  I'm on a HP Omen laptop with a 3080 (but the laptop version) and 64 gigs of ram and I could still use more power for when the sculpt objects exceed 2 million.  I'm also using it with a Wacom Intuos Pro and that's working well.  Tweak the pen pressure to a custom curve in Wacom preferences for the best performance in 3DC.  I like to use the Pinch brush in Surface mode as a litmus for how my pen is driving the Brushes while I sculpt.

DEFINITELY use 3DCoat on Windows.  I don't know about Linux, but on Mac, 3DC is pretty rough around the edges with many micro bugs depending on the version.  The Windows version is always better.

Good luck!

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