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  1. Sergyi, Thank you very much for the detailed response and the performance videos. I renamed the user data folder as you suggested but had the same lag issue as before. One detail I failed to mention in my post is that I am experiencing the lag using a Wacom Intuos Pro. When I test the strokes with a mouse, I have no lag! So I think I have narrowed the issue down to 3DCoat 2021's communication with the Wacom Driver (I'm using the latest and still have the issue). I will make a demonstration video and include more details via email. Thanks!
  2. I usually get zero replies to my questions on this forum so not expecting much. But I wanted to report that in 3DC 2021 (in latest build 2021.51 and previous Mac OS versions of 2021) brush performance is extremely laggy. I mean after I build up an object to 500,000 or so, I make a stroke and make a mark on the clay, then the next stroke...nothing. The third stroke makes a mark on the clay. So I have to sculpt with every other stroke. This is the case in both Voxel and Surface modes. With all brushes. No lag when I start with a sphere at around 200,000. It seems to happen when I go over around 500,000 tris. I never go over 1,200,000 tris. I'm on a 2018 Mac Mini running Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7 3.2 GHz 6 core Intel Core i7 64 GB DDR4 Ram SSD drive On my same Mac, this NEVER happened in 4.9.58. Thank goodness I kept it installed on my computer. Is this a Mac thing? Will the problem go away if I switch to Windows? Since 4.9 works flawlessly on my Mac, I have to assume I'm doing something incorrectly on the new 2021 3DC. I'm confused. I keep hearing about the new brush engine that is more efficient. I think I'm doing something wrong. If anyone has a clue how I can sculpt smoothly without lag, I would appreciate it very much. I'm frustrated. Every time I open and use 3DCoat, I find another reason not to use it. I bought it, then paid for the upgrade because I really want to do most of my character creation in 3DCoat, not just hop over to retopo and texture paint. Thanks.
  3. Very interesting backstory about Intel. Thanks, AbnRanger. I'm definitely saving for a new workstation powered by an AMD Threadripper. Would you recommend higher core count or high clocking low core CPU for best performance in 3DC?
  4. Does anyone know what this small cross at the center of the brush in 3D Coat 2021? When you press a modifier or right click drag, the cross gets bigger and becomes multi colored. In the previous version of 3DC, there was no cross, just a small dot that I never even noticed. I've looked in Preferences. I can't find where to hide the cross. I find it distracting. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Thanks so much for these presets, Digman! I'm especially excited about Flat Polish as I struggle to recreate behavior to match the infamous hPolish brush.
  6. Sounds great, Rygaard! Looking forward to your announcement and seeing more sculpting from you.
  7. This thread/topic dedicated to BRUSHES is so great to have! Thanks, Digman. I know I"ll be returning here very often as I try to learn the new brush engine system.
  8. *deep, deep sigh* I want a time machine to take me back to simpler times where quality and integrity sometimes made an appearance in the free market. But the machine will probably be made with counterfeit Chinese parts...
  9. I'm ashamed to admit I didn't know about this part of the forum. This is an excellent curation of 3D Coat demos/tutorials. Though nothing beats an organized tutorial series teaching the program step by step, these are a GREAT way to get better at 3DC. Thank you, Carlosan!
  10. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have been looking for a great default zBrush-like matcap and a way to install it into 3D COAT. Even though I absolutely love the sculpting tools and interface of 3DC, one of the things that frustrated me about 3DC was the lighting in the viewport and the way the sculpts looked when orbiting around. Your method solves a HUUUGE block for me. Thanks!
  11. Hi, This topic has been covered a few times in the past but with the newest version of 3DC, seems to be using exclusively DDS files for the panoramas in the viewport. I'm having a hard time adding my own custom environment maps to the 3D Coat "panorama" options. I'm on a Mac and I'm running version 4.9.42A. When I dropped my own .HDRs or .EXRs into the folder (or in a custom folder somewhere else) and then tried to "add new panorama", 3D Coat crashed every time. I searched on my system and found the panorama files lived here: I saw that now, there are no HDRs or EXRs, only DDS files (with accompanying "DIFFUSE.dds" and "thumb.tga" files for each panorama). So, I took the custom EXR/HDRs I wanted to add to the environment palette and used online convertors to output them as compatible DDS files. I dropped my newly converted DDS files into the "panoramas_ggx2" directory (also experimented having them live in a custom folder somewhere else) and then tried to add my custom DDS environments by accessing the drop down panorama palette icon, going to the three dots at the top right of the drop down, and clicking "add new panorama". The DDS files I added (by converting from HDR & EXR) were greyed out and not clickable as options. Any 3DC mac users out there that have successfully added their own environments to the newest version of 3DC? Any ideas on what I can do to make the DDS files work and add my own environments? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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