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  1. Just want to add that I would also really appreciate the option to invert a brush so I don't have to keep CTRL pressed. In the latest 3DC, only a random number of Voxel Tool brushes have the toolbar "Invert" option. Like OP, I don't understand the thinking behind this. Beyond the convenience for users to do large areas of inverted brushing, this option would also be essential if we're trying to create a custom brush preset that behaves in the inverted form of the original brush. I can't find an "Invert" parameter in the Tool Options/Modifiers for brushes either. If not in the toolbar, the invert brush option should be in the menus somewhere (so we can assign a hotkey).
  2. No apologies necessary, @Rygaard I hope you're feeling better and are having fun creating your course and brushes!
  3. @Elemeno I'm guessing Blender's user base is enormous compared to 3D Coat's and it's the current "IT" thing everyone is curious about, a vast and enthusiastic community on social media and forums, and it has serious corporate sponsors. Unfortunately, I don't see 3DC being able to match that kind of following or excitement. I wish I was wrong. Also, Blender is a generalist tool that appeals to hobbyists and semi pros worldwide. 3D Coat is more advanced but covers only a portion of the 3D pipeline, which other softwares cover specifically. (zBrush, Substance, Topogun) I love the idea of 3DC being so flush with funds that they hire more developers but not sure how it will happen other than continued user based exposure and word of mouth.
  4. Yes, the option is available now. Thanks very much @carlosan !
  5. When I click "Create" and see the window with forum sections to post in, "Feature Requests" is grayed out. Is there another way to post there?
  6. I think I understand what you mean. The only way I've found to turn this off is to use Maya navigation
  7. Regarding my initial question, how can we get the Smooth All window to appear if we've clicked the "skip this window next time" option? And is there a way to post in the "features requests" section of forum or do posts get assigned there by moderator? Thanks
  8. @Carlosan the ability to slide the value in the Smooth All window is great. What I meant by slider was being able to drag on screen or on a slider to see the smooth affect the mesh. Here is a demo in Blender. Note the meshes are roughly the same polycount 3D COAT - BLENDER SMOOTH SLIDER.mp4
  9. With a very high res sculpt, I can see a slider causing problems but the Mesh Filter slider in Blender works well even with denser sculpts. It's just the numerical guessing game of 3DCoat's Smooth All (is it too little? too much?) that gets annoying. Even a sluggish smoothing slider would be better because it's realtime feedback.
  10. How do I get the "Smooth all" window to appear if I clicked "Skip this dialog next time, just smooth once"? The only way I've found is to quit 3DC and reopen. The smooth all function should really be a slider at this point. I'm not able to post in "Feature Request" section. How many posts do I need to be able to contribute there? Thanks
  11. This sounds so great, @Rygaard! Extreme customization in 3DC sounds like a dream!! I'm very excited to learn from your years of dedicated 3D Coat usage. I'm also very interested in your clay "sponge" brush and am grateful if you have the time to work on an hPolish brush that flattens with clean, flat hard surface planes like zBrush. But I consider that a bonus to all the great stuff you are planning. Thanks for all your hard work. I pray you'll be rewarded in many ways when you finally release your training, brushes and video channel. Good luck!
  12. For reference about the hPolish brush, in 3D Coat, I can come close, but I can't do this: https://youtu.be/xuTiQphuP9A?t=171 Do you have a modified flat polish brush in your set or are they primarily brushes for clay effects?
  13. Hey @Rygaard, I agree with you about stylized icons. It's very difficult to create the perfect, simplified picture to represent subtle brush strokes like clay variations. I think your ideas about brush icons will lead to better, clearly readable icons. Interesting...I just assumed your custom brush set would be a preset. I'd intrigued about them being part of the left hand side brush options. They will be welcome wherever they land in the UI. Yes, the zBrush icons are beautiful as larger pics but not very helpful as small thumbnails. Your logic is very correct. In addition to brush icon stuff, I wanted to say that I would love to see some part of your training course cover more in depth UI customization like what you showed in your Rhino demos. To replace system sculpt brushes on the left with your own custom brushes or just the favorites you use, so you don't have to scroll down the long list or use the Quick Access panel (I'm not a fan) to get to your most used tools. I remember your excellent post years ago with suggestions on UI changes. https://3dcoat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/24681-ideas-and-suggestions-to-improve-the-3d-coat-interface-and-usability/ You expressed many frustrations I have about using 3DC. Every time I'm in 3DC, I long for a Pop ups menu like Blender's Pie menus for favorite brushes and tools. If the developers had made the changes you suggested, I would use 3DC a lot more. Unfortunately, these suggestions have been lost and forgotten. Very sad, but hopefully with custom changes to the UI, we can have a more efficient and enjoyable 3D experience in 3D Coat. I wanted to add simply that I'm excited for your brushes based on your great Rhino demo, but my one personal request would be a solution to an unsolvable 3D Coat sculpt "problem" which is: A good flattening brush that behaves like zBrush "hPolish"!! I gave up a long time ago in 3DC - whatever Flatten/Scrape/Trim Adaptive brush method I use always seems to create a concave surface instead of nice flattening like in zBrush. Maybe there is a way in 3DC 2021+ to create this with multiple brush modifiers - I haven't had good luck matching zBrush hPolish brush behavior. If you've solved this problem and have a brush like this in your brush set - please take my money now! Thanks again for listening to feedback and best wishes as you develop your brushes, course, and YouTube channel. I'll be checking in to see what your progress is. No rush - it would be better to take your time and create something that you're happy with than release a product that has a "work in progress" feeling. Though I always appreciate future flexibility and changes based on client feedback. But that is a long way off. Good luck and have fun!
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