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Support for the Novint Falcon?


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I don't know how hard it would be for Andrew to implement support for this, but I would be inclined to explore it if I were him, as I think it would be immensely popular in the gaming industry. Think about it...many sculpters and texturing artists work in this industry and of course play games. These same folks would benefit at work and play with the addition of the Novint Falcon.

I would ask them about packaging it together and placing some type of promotion for such a package on each other's website. Heck, this device gets exposure on G4 (TV Show) and 3DC would undoubtedly get mentioned for it's added functionality. I think the folks at Novint would be delighted to work something out in this regard. Maybe Andrew can have Javis call them up and see if they are interested.

Word would get out about 3DC pretty fast, if it were the first and only sculpting application to support both the inexpensive Novint Falcon as well as the 3DConnexion SpacePilot/Explorer/Navigator.

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