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A company called Atangeo has released a program called Balancer for decimation of high-poly models.


They also have a free version, Balancer Lite, which is limited to 15000 triangles and 10000 vertices.

I installed the Lite version and I must say I'm pretty impressed. I made a simple test object of voxels (13172 tri's) and saved it out as an OBJ. In Balancer Lite I just loaded the OBJ and hit the Simplify button, then a slider let me increase / Decrease the poly count. Here's a quick video:


The price for the full version isn't bad either, $52 for commercial use or $26 (half price) for non-commecial.

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Saw it on CGDigg 25 days ago http://www.cgdigg.com/story.php?title=atangeo-balancer-1-0-released

It's feature looks similar as polygon cruncher but cheaper.

Both Atangeo and polygon cruncher are result in triangles. Since we have Quadrangulate in 3D-Coat (and could be improved), do we really need such polygon reducer which result in triangles?

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I haven't played with this aspect yet but it looks like it will also respect material (surface) borders. Something that is currently impossible in 3DC.

you can do that in blender real time slider and all

Maybe so, but you would have to use blender.

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